August 06, 2013

Diving In - Glynis M. Belec

I did it. I took the plunge. I have been praying and thinking about starting up my own little publishing company for a while now but there seemed so much to learn, so much to read. Precisely three weeks ago I bit the proverbial bullet and did it. Angel Hope Publishing is my official name and my first customer
was me!

Granted, taking the first step was a tough decision but once I put one foot in front of the other things started falling into place. I have plenty to learn and copious binders of information to study. I have courses to take, tutorials to view and lots of details to devour. But I have this wonderful, calming peace in my heart and I really feel I am right where God wants me.

Today I had a Timmie's date with my editor, Carolyn Wilker, and in between her sipping a berry smoothie and me supping my apple cinnamon tea, we discussed the next phase. She agreed to help out with editing and soon we were chatting about projects and potential.
Angel Hope Publishing -
my first book! 

I hardly remember the drive home after we had downed our drinks. My mind was abuzz with strategy, business plans and marketing. It just seems that once I had made that big decision to 'just do it,' then my brain was able to move on in a different direction. I kinda' liken it to having a yard sale - it's tough initially to make a decision to sell my beautiful ceramic what-not that I have had on the shelf collecting dust for years. I look at it. Think about it. Debate with myself. Then I make the final decision and slap a $2 price tag on it. At that point there is no turning back. Once it makes it to the for sale table then it doesn't return - marking it down to $1 doesn't hurt one iota. I like my decision and am proud of myself for having the fortitude to follow up with action.

I am very much feeling that making the decision to start writing and publishing more and procrastinating less is a blessing from God. It just plain feels right. And it's funny how things around me have fallen into place, too. I would, however, function so much better if God would choose to show me the writing on the wall because there are a lot more decisions to make, but I journey on with great expectations, anyway.

I'm thinking (actually I know) that if all the changes that are happening in my writing life are God's intention then something good will happen. Sure, I have had some tough blows over the past years but in the strength of Jesus alone, I endure and keep dodging that knock-out punch.

My three-fold advice to anyone contemplating a writing decision is to first pray, then obey and whatever you do - don't run away! You won't be sorry. I had my first paid writing gig in 1986. I was plumb excited - I remember it well. Over the years, my writing life has been slow but steady; sometimes painful (rejected) but often productive (published) and ultimately splendidly rewarding.

Oh...and the scripture verse I heard this past Sunday?  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! Philippians 4:13.  (Thanks, God. I needed that!)


  1. Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo,
    Way to go Glynis. I can see you doing very well. THis is so exciting.

  2. Glynis, this is exciting news! We look forward to hearing more as this new venture unfolds itself.


  3. This is very exciting news Glynis. All the best

  4. That is awesome Glynis!

  5. Way to go, Glynis! I look forward to hearing more details about your adventures as you step forward with God. May He continue to bless and guide you and make you a blessing!


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