June 15, 2013

Is Blogging Really Worth It? Tracy Krauss

Blogging. Back in 2009 I hardly knew what the term meant. I had a vague idea, but reading stuff people posted on the internet wasn't something that interested me at the time, and I certainly never thought I'd be a 'blogger' myself. I'd just nicely signed up for facebook - and that only so I could see some pictures my daughter had posted of her first fashion show at Edmonton fashion week.

Then, suddenly everything changed. When my first book was about to get published, I was told that I needed to establish an online presence. A central part of that was starting a blog. Huh? I was clueless. Fortunately, the aforementioned daughter came to my rescue and helped me create a blog using 'blogger'.  'Expression Express' was born in November of 2009.

It's hard to believe that nearly four years have flown by. Since then I've added 'Meta tag' and 'RSS feed' to my arsenal of everyday terms. I've got a website, and I flit about the cyber universe from twitter to pinterest to google+  with nary a care. I'm undoubtedly a lot more techno savvy since those first tentative posts. My blog has also matured a lot, evolving from an events calendar/ personal diary/ place to vent, to a site where my readers can connect with content that is more focused on my blog's mission statement.  (For more on the idea of a blog 'mission statement' check out my post on the topic.)

I read an article recently that said the days of the 'blog' are coming to an end. Newsletters, podcasts, and any number of 'latest and greatest' online crazes are the next BIG thing. Then I read an article that said the blog is still the central way for writers to build a platform. My blog is certainly the backbone of my online activity. I can write about what's on my mind, share news, offer advice, and link and share it everywhere. If I was to think of a metaphor, I'd say my website is the 'wheel' but my blog is the hub of that wheel. It's the thing that keeps things moving. Everything else is linked to and through it and goes out from there.

I've also come to value my blog for the sense of satisfaction it gives me beyond its use as a marketing tool. I enjoy the planning that goes into each post as well as the writing part. I like keeping it up to date, adding new pictures and gadgets to my sidebar, and revamping the look. It's fun to connect with readers and to leave comments on other blogs that I frequent. I've become a 'blogging' junkie, of sorts - it's something I actually take pleasure in.

Even without any new books or plays to promote, I think I would still be blogging just for the fun of it. For me, blogging is SO worth the time and effort. Connect with me at 'Expression Express'. I love new followers and I try to follow back!  

Tracy is a multi-published novelist and playwright who also loves art and teaches high school Drama. She lives with her husband in Tumbler Ridge, BC.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Tracy. I have a couple questions: 1. How much time do you spend on blogging per week? 2. How do you schedule your blogging, or do you, to fit it in with everything else you do?

    1. My current schedule is to post three times per week on Mon, Wed, & Fri with Sat. reserved for posting any links to places I may have 'appeared' online that week. I often prep my posts for the entire week on Sat which may take an hour (or maybe more depending...) I am finding this more efficient than trying to post each day as it comes. Then I spend about 10 - 15 minutes sharing the posts on the day it is published. I also keep a file on my computer of possible post ideas or even semi finished/finished posts

  2. Yes, I agree blogging is worth it. For me, it's a great place to 'just write'.

  3. Glad to hear blogging isn't dead. Thanks for the encouragment.

  4. I like that analogy, Tracy, a blog as the hub of the wheel. It fits!


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