June 20, 2013

Because Lorrie Orr Is Right - Brenda J. Wood

Because Lorrie Orr Is Right!

I am posting this letter my daughter recently received from her newly widowed girl friend.

"Yes, I got your Mom's book! The Pregnant Pause of Grief)  I've been doing OK handling things and adjusting to life without Andy - my house nearly flooding this spring was a big one but I managed without a meltdown. But last week putting my dog down and living that again was nearly my undoing.

I have been thankful for your Mom's writing - it gave me something to focus on during the days I awaited test results that was helpful to healing and kept me from falling apart. It was the hardest time I've had since March and was far too soon for me to live again. So I can't thank your Mom enough for giving me something so tangible to help me during this time - who would have ever thought I'd have such a refresher to my mourning all over again so soon?

 For all that I've been through, I still feel incredibly blessed. Thank you for thinking of me and please thank your Mom. I hope she's ok and I admire the strength it took to share her journey with me and others learning this road. I hope it helped her in writing it as it has helped me :)Take care,

You see, folks, this is why we write--to change lives. Publishing is a bonus...but writing the words and sharing them in some form is what really counts.

Brenda J Wood

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  1. Brenda, I just saw this post today. Thank you for the encouragement and affirmation. We never know when our words will touch another.
    You encouraged me today (Sept 25) and I thank you.


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