May 19, 2012

Who’s Your Muse? - Linda Aleta Tame

I’m sure you’ve read about writers and their muses. Have you wondered if inspiration will breeze into your thoughts in a similar way? Will your muse come dancing and darting, or will she quietly hover? Will she bring a profound message or will it be one of whimsy and nonsense?
When you set about meeting your muse, consider that the event may have already taken place.  Maybe you'll see evidence of that relationship in your journals, in your poetry and various other writings.

Perhaps you’ll recognize the origin of your creative inspiration. Maybe your muse is not really a muse at all, but the Spirit of God; He is your source. You practice many things in the Spirit: worshiping, praying, sharing, praising, even just being in the Spirit; why not writing in the Spirit?

Though incredible, a writing relationship with Him is still delicate and sometimes challenging. It’s like the love bond between two people. An irresistible desire to be together often competes with the distractions of everyday life. On some occasions chaos invades an otherwise sublime rendezvous, yet there are times when you avoid His gentle nudges. When the Spirit moves, it’s not always the most convenient time, and conversely, you occasionally feel ready to write, but He says, “Not now.”

Another challenge may occur when you're writing a story.  You have your view of how the story goes, but the Spirit has another view altogether.  You had it all arranged before your fingers touched the keyboard; now He is changing everything!

Like any relationship, the writing relationship with the Spirit requires consistent nurture. Couples often set a regular date night to be sure they have some quality time together. Setting a regular writing date with the Spirit will help to strengthen the bond, create harmony and consistently inspire creativity.

He is able to ignite your stories with love and compassion. He infuses life into your characters and inspires your readers with hope. You can trust Him. He is the Creator!

This Beautiful Quest 


  1. An excellent tune-up and re-focus sort of piece (peace) here (hear)
    I appreciate this!

  2. So enjoyed this posting, Linda. (And welcome aboard as a new contributor!)

    Totally agree... about writing in the Spirit. Without Him we can do nothing... and without Him breathing on our words, they have no life, so what would be the point.

    So we might as well wait until He moves.

    Thanks so much for the reminder!

  3. It's like sailing, isn't it? We can ride the wind of inspiration but only when it's present. Rowing is like striving to write something without the wind of inspiration. The apostles and prophets were moved along by the wind of the Holy Spirit. May he propel us to write what our Lord wishes and help the lost through our humble efforts.


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