December 25, 2021

Michael by Sharon Heagy


Michael paced over the hills and dunes, searching for the lost lamb. “Dad’s gonna kill me,” he muttered. “I’ve lost yet another one of his precious sheep. Arrgh! At least the glow from the moon is helping me see.” In his desperate state he didn’t realize that there was no moon shining at all.[i]

            Had he looked up (or ‘look-ed up’ as the song goes) he would have seen that the glow in the sky was not the moon but a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men.’  But he saw and heard nothing because he was focused on finding this flipping sheep. How he hated sheep. He was always in trouble with his father for daydreaming in the field when he should have been watching the flock. Inevitably one would wander off somewhere.  He had even lost a few to wolves, finding only some fluff and a few bones left over from a lupine feast.

His dad wasn’t even his real dad. His folks had found Michael in a basket by the side of the road and his dad had finally given in to his moms pleading to take the baby home and they adopted him.  His birth dad didn’t want him. His adoptive dad didn’t want him. Nobody wanted him. Sulking he kicked at the sand and stones, his bottom lip slipped into a pout and his face assumed a ‘poor me’ posture. Shoving his hands into his ruddy brown robes he trudged on.  Never once lifting his head to see the miracle in his midst.

Meanwhile, back at the angelic host, Bruce, a young angel felt a nudge from above and turned his head to see a figure tramping across the desert. He looked up towards heaven. “Me?” he questioned. “But my wings haven’t even grown out all the way.”

“You,” he heard God’s say in His ever-loving, peace filled, firm voice.

            Bruce gazed once more at the pathetic figure, hunched over and wandering around with no sense of direction and sighed.  This was a heavy assignment for his first gig. But he knew he had to be obedient, so he left the glow of glory and flew unsteadily toward the wandering shepherd.

He landed a few steps in front of Michael who plodded on doggedly, his head still staring at the ground.  When he saw Michael wasn’t going to stop, he yelled, “Hark!”

Michael’s head snapped up and his feet skidded in the sand. They were almost nose to nose. “Hark?” exclaimed Michael. “Who says hark for crying out loud?”

“Angels say hark,” replied Bruce, “And I’m an angel.”

Michael laughed out loud. “You’re an angel? You’re puny and short and where’s your halo?”

‘Yes, I’m an angel,” said Bruce, folding his arms over his chest, slightly offended. He whipped around to show Michael his stubby wings, one longer that the other. “See, I even have wings.”

“You call those wings?” Michael snorted. “I’ve seen better wings on a buzzard.”  A vision of a buzzard gnawing on a lamb reminded him of his quest for the lost sheep. “Look, I don’t have time for your shenanigans. I’ve lost a sheep and I’m in major trouble if I don’t find it. I gotta get going.”

Bruce closed his deep sapphire eyes and tilted his face heavenward. Michael had turned to go. Taking a deep breath Bruce spoke to his back. “Michael,” he said tenderly but firmly, I’ve been sent to show you a lamb. A lamb who has been sent for lost sheep like you.  Sheep that nobody wants.  He has been sent to give you hope and a future.”

Michael balked. “Don’t you get it? I must find my dad’s sheep, or I am dust! AND I have to get back to the rest of the flock. I don’t have time for this nonsense.”

Bruce waved a wing and suddenly another angel joined them. “Michael, this is Bob. Bob is an angel too. He’s very good with animals. He will look after the flock and he will search for the one who is lost.”

“But” protested Michael.

“Come,” said Bruce. “Come with me to see a lamb who will save the world.  Aren’t you even curious? Come on. What have you got to lose?”

Plenty, thought Michael, my whole family in fact. I could be back on the streets without one but now I’m too big for a basket. Yet there was something in Bruce’s manner that drew him. Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.  He almost couldn’t help himself. “Ok,” he said quietly, “I’ll go.” Then he added, “Are you sure we can trust Bob?”

“Absolutely,” said Bruce, “and I’ll bring you back in no time.”

“Is it far?” asked Michael.

“Not far. Just climb on my back and I’ll fly us there.”

“Seriously? You expect me to hop on your back with those wonky looking wings?”

“Trust me,” said Bruce extending his hand, “I have come to give you hope.”

“Right now I’m just hoping I don’t end up as wolf bait in the desert after we crash land.” Michael took Bruce’s hand and climbed on board.

After a rather rocky take off, with Michael hanging on for dear life, eyes wide as saucers, they settled into a smooth flight towards Bethlehem.

For the first time Michael looked up and his jaw dropped as he spotted the multitude of angels off to his left. “Where did all those angels come from and what are they doing here?” he questioned.

Bruce chuckled, “That’s what I am going to show you. They bring good news.”

Michael was awestruck and speechless. He watched the angels until they disappeared from view and he turned round to see the torch lights of Bethlehem getting closer.

Their landing was much more successful and gentler than their take off and they both stood on the quiet streets in Bethlehem.  Michael saw they were around the corner from an inn. It was closed for the night but in the stable next door a glowing light emanated. Bruce motioned for Michael to follow him.  They walked in silence to the stable entrance where the scent of straw and manure made him wrinkle his whole face in disgust, but he never said a word.  They peered around the stone doorway and Michael was struck with wonder.  In the middle of the stable was a man and a woman and in the manger before them, nestled in the straw, a baby.  There were shepherds inside. He peered closer. His stepbrother was there and his Father. At least the only father he had ever known. They were both kneeling beside the baby in the hay, marveling at the newborn. Michael drew back. They had never marveled at him that way when he was young. He stole another peek. What was so special about this baby, he wondered. He couldn’t stop staring.

A hand on his arm brought him out of his reverie and Bruce stood beside him.

“This baby is the lamb I was talking about. He has come to save the world. To be a sacrifice for all people. A lamb without blemish. If you had seen and heard the angels in the fields they were talking to your father and brother and the other shepherds you see gathered inside the stable. This is what the lead angel said, ‘Fear not. Behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you, you will find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.’ Then the rest of the angels joined him, including me. That’s when God told me to come to you so you would know there is hope born for you this night.”

Michael felt a stirring inside. A warmth and a knowing and a tear gently rolled down his cheek. He wrapped his head around the entrance once more and saw his dad and brother preparing to leave. In panic he turned to Bruce. “We have to go! If they find I’ve left the flock, I am toast.”

Bruce smiled gently and touched Michael’s arm once more. “It’ll be ok but let’s go.”

Michael climbed once more onto Bruce’s back and they ascended into the night and back out to the field where they met Bob. The flock was intact and even the lost sheep was found.

“Thank you, Bruce. And thank the Lord for sending you to me. I’m not sure what to make of it all but I feel a stirring in my heart that I can’t explain.”

“It will become clear.” said Bruce.

They looked into the night across the plain and could see Michael’s Dad and brother approaching.

“I have to go now.” said Bruce, “It will be ok.”

Michael looked into Bruce’s deep, peaceful sapphire eyes and knew he spoke the truth. Then just as suddenly as they came, the angels were gone.

            Michael turned to see his dad and brother coming near. He could see their faces now, still shining from their experience in the stable. His Dad laid a gentle hand on his arm and spoke.

“Michael, my son, we have something wonderful to share with you.”



[i] All Biblical references are KJV or NIV


  1. Dear Sharon, what a wonderful story.
    Thank you & Merry Christmas. 🎄🎁💌

    1. Many thanks, Wendy, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

  2. Wow, Sharon! This is a wonderful story. I read it on Christmas Day, but I didn’t get to write a comment then. I love the modern-day lingo and the fact that your main character is a young lad who feels unappreciated by his adoptive father, like he isn’t good enough and he doesn’t belong. The plot is amazing and you tell the story well, right down to the fact that he and his father are changed by their encounter with the newborn, Lamb of God. Thanks for your story, Sharon, and blessings during the Christmas season and in the New Year that is coming.

    1. Thanks for taking time to add a comment during this busy season, Sharon. I hope you and your family had a peaceful and meaningful Christmas and that 2022 is filled with the wonder of God.

  3. How fun! I enjoyed this very unusual perspective and I liked the humor you injected.

  4. Enjoyed this, Sharon. Thanks! :)

  5. How beautiful! I loved your interpretation!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Sandi. And thanks for all you do for this group.

    2. Thanks for your encouragement, Sandi. And thanks for all you do for this group.


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