August 12, 2021

Enough is Enough by Eunice Cooper-Matchett

Sometimes, enough is simply enough, and last week, I learned the importance of those words. 

A camp-out wedding approached. Being the person who offers before thinking, I’d volunteered to make a chili, a cheesecake, and a pistachio salad. Sounds simple. Shouldn’t take long at all. Except, I voiced my good intentions before I considered the wedding was on a Saturday. And that’s the day I’ve cleaned my house for over sixty years, and I’m so routine orientated that if I can’t do it Saturday, I must do it Friday, or the rest of my week goes topsy-turvy. 

The folly of my quick, unthought-out response hit me like a March wind. But I’m tough, and there is always a way. I’d just get up earlier, clean the house, then make the promised food. After that, I’d do the revisions on the next chapter of my WIP, which needed doing because if I missed a writing day, the clouds would fall. 

By ten a.m. Friday, my house, minus the kitchen, was clean, and only one load of laundry remained. I mentally patted my back as I removed all the meat the chili required from the fridge. Ground beef, steak, bacon, Italian sausage. All huge portions, because a hundred guests needed feeding. All needed precooking. 

Because of my small kitchen, and my apprehension of cooking two meats at once without burning one, I did them one by one. Time ticked by. So did my strength. But, by mid-afternoon, all ingredients were simmering happily in the portable oven. An hour later, the salad and cheesecake were setting in the fridge.

I had completed what seemed impossible the day before, but my strength deserted me on golden wings, leaving me feeling like a thin, holey dishrag that needed discarding. I slumped profusely-perspiring, heart-pounding, gasping for breath, into my recliner, wondering at what age my marbles deserted me. 

Then, my spirit fluttered, and I recognized that flutter. God was teaching me a lesson. One He had to sit me down long enough to get my attention. I’d made a wrong and thoughtless decision. Being so eager to please, I’d failed to count the costs. But God hadn’t. I heard His gentle correction loud and clear, reminding me enough was enough, and I’d overstepped my limitations once again, abusing the body He gave me to care for. 

His Word encourages us to come apart and rest. It even informs us God rested. So if God rested, how much more should we do the same? Exhausting myself is not honouring Him. Nor is allowing goals to control my life or considering lollygagging a waste of time. 

It took an exhausting day for me to learn to listen to God and my body. It emphasized the need for me to choose my commitments wisely, and it’s okay. God doesn’t want me running around trying to achieve the impossible. He needs me rested and ready to do the tasks He appoints me to accomplish. 


  1. I can SO relate to this Eunice! I consider myself a well organized and productive person, but sometimes when my "plans' don't turn out or get disrupted, it throws me off. I am learning to adapt and let God be in charge, but this post definitely made me smile!

    1. Oh, and the whole taking on more than you should...? Been there and done that too!

  2. I applaud your willingness to serve others, Eunice. And I relate to the theme, "the spirit is willing but the body is weak". I've often thought of God at rest as well, and how it is an example to us of what He wants us to do. Thanks for this honest, relatable post.
    "He needs me rested and ready to do the tasks He appoints me to accomplish." Your concluding sentence is a good reminder for us to listen closely for His directions for what He wants us to accomplish. Thank you!

  3. I appreciate your honesty, dear Eunice. Your words, "Being so eager to please, I’d failed to count the costs" has rung woefully true for me too many times that I often avoid any commitments.
    My desire is to stay closer to the Master so I hear and heed His promptings for me.
    He's more gracious to us than we tend to be.
    Blessings - Wendy Mac 🕊️

  4. "Exhausting myself is not honouring Him." Those words resonated with me today. Thanks, Eunice.

  5. Great lesson, Eunice. Thanks for sharing your story. It's so important to listen to the Spirit before taking action, even if those actions come out of a desire to serve others.

  6. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Eunice. I particularly related to your conclusion: "God doesn’t want me running around trying to achieve the impossible. He needs me rested and ready to do the tasks He appoints me to accomplish." God gives us enough time and energy to do what He calls us to do.


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