March 02, 2021

Deliberate by Marcia Lee Laycock




Deliberate by Marcia Lee Laycock


You chose the way, crawled toward that day,

destiny drawn in blood before time began,

designed the way of sorrows,

staggered down that Via Dolorosa.


You forged the nails

for your own crucifixion,

grew the tree hewn

to bear your bloodied body, 

the bush that thrust out thorns.


You guided the hands that wove

the robe on which they gambled at your feet,

knew the Centurion who stabbed your side,

before his mother spoke his name.


You created the rocks that split,

the light that became darkness,

the angels who

turned their faces away.


You did it all



To rescue me.



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  1. What a beautiful perspective in this poem, Marcia! Thank you.

  2. That is beautiful, Marcia! It is amazing that Jesus gives us the freedom, and the strength even as you pointed out, to reject and hurt Him. What an example He is of grace and forgiveness. Pam M.

  3. I agree with the others. Christ never lost control. He could have torn the case of the Pharisees against him to ribbons but he didn't. He could have called twelve legions of angels to save him but he didn't. His was true strength in the face of sinful cowardace.

  4. Your poem, Marcia, is a beautiful way to share the good news that God loves us this much. . . Inspired and beautifully expressed. Yes, it was a deliberate plan and deliberately carried out. “What a Saviour!"

  5. Wonderful perspective and very moving. Thank you for this gift, Marcia.


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