March 04, 2021

The Way (A Song in Three Parts) by Susan Barclay




The Way is baptized
Preaches good tidings 
Binds up the broken
Proclaims liberty 
The Truth weeps for His friend
Cries over Jerusalem
Speaks to the heart
Quenches the thirst

The Life is found on an ancient road
Stands silent before a crowd
Hangs on a cross
Lies in a tomb



A hush, a cloud
Hangs over the earth

Disciples hold their breath
How can this be?

Then God, who turned His gaze away
Who crucified Himself in Christ
Who bore our sins upon the tree
Breaks death in two

The shroud falls off
Christ rises up as if from sleep
Light of the world
Mourning has broken

We laugh, we dance
We praise the Name
Whom the Son sets free
Is free indeed!

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  1. Thanks, Susan, for a beautiful portrayal of Jesus as the Way, Truth, and Light. I also loved your phrase, "Mourning has broken"--it describes Jesus' resurrection so well.

    1. Thank you for your affirming words, Sandi :)

  2. What a great point! Jesus wasn't the only one of the Trinity on the cross. Even though the Father turned his face away for three hours, he and the Holy Spirit felt the pain and anguish.

    1. Indeed they did, Bruce. Thank you for chiming in.

  3. Such beautiful imagery! Thank you!

  4. Love the three part format, it speaks volumes. My heart is moved and filled by your words, Susan. Thank you.

    1. Thank *you*, Sharon. It fills my heart to know you were moved by my words.

  5. Profound - words and pictures perfectly woven... it really is a holy season. And these BIG truths... that matter to US. He really HAS come. Really did die. Really did RISE. Really will Come Again. Thanks for the faith-building aspect of this post, Susan.

  6. Thanks so much for your encouraging and affirming words, Dayna. Yes, Jesus really did all of this, and He is coming again.

  7. Just wonderful, Susan. Great gift for Easter. Blessings to you and yours.


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