August 16, 2015

Writer's Block by Loretta Bouillon

Even though the spirit is willing, the mind comes to a halt. When I am in a good flow with my writing, life around me feels very positive.  Or is it when my life feels positive that my writing flows? Perhaps it is a bit of both? However, life deals us challenging circumstances from time to time. For me, the challenges have been a constant factor for almost a year. How do I keep writing through that? To be honest, I have been suffering from writer’s block for many months. It is this dark cloud hanging over me because I really want to be writing more. When you experience a road block to the area of your life that you write about, it can be discouraging. I plead, “But God, I thought you asked me to write on this subject! Now what am I supposed to do?”  

The other day the answer came through my son, and a couple of days later it was confirmed again through a friend. They suggested that maybe God was using this time to build my testimony and down the road I will write about the experience. He will use my challenges, and victories over them, to help others. Right now the story is being written in my heart. After pondering this, it dawned on me that my daily journaling will be part of the research material for that book.  

In the meantime, I have decided to quit whining and  take some practical steps to help nourish my creative side and encourage me in the craft of writing.

·         I am taking a trip to Ontario with my family. My daughter and I will be going to Stratford to see the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. I figure it is an “artist’s date” and it will feed my creative side. (Also, this has forced me to read the play!)

·         I have committed myself to join a book club this fall. Our town is very small (1000 people) and I desire to belong to a writer’s group but I don’t really have the confidence to start one myself.  For now, I thought I would broaden my mind with books that I don’t usually read. I think it will only help me as a writer.

·         I am going to the InScribe Writer’s Fall Conference in Edmonton in September. The anticipation of meeting many of my fellow writers (that I have been only acquainted with online) combined with the inspiration that I expect to receive by osmosis will be just the recipe I need!

Sometimes I question whether I was really called to be a writer. When I make a crazy decision that I am laying it all down, I can have dramatic thoughts such as deleting my Facebook writer’s page, dropping out of my online writers group, deleting my personal blog and backing out of my monthly writing commitments. (Does anyone else have thoughts like that or is it only me?) It is then that my amazing creative God always uses something or someone to shake me out of that mindset. For that I am very grateful!


  1. Over the years I've been discouraged in my writing too and with certain aspects of life, Loretta, but I've scribbled, journalled, prayed, and read my way through these despondent times. Looking back, I believe my writing has delivered me from the depths of despair, helped me see more clearly what is going on in my life, put growth rings on the tree that is my life, preserved my sanity, and brought me closer to God. During darker days, Scripture verses, prayers, and sorting things out have become an integral part of my writing.

    These activities have taught me lessons and helped me appreciate the dawn of new days and new attitudes on faith and life. I agree with with your son's and your friend's perspective on this. Some day you may look at these experiences as nectar for making honey. Your son seems like an astute young man, who knows and loves his mother very much. Remember that God has carved you on the palm of his hand.

    1. "put growth rings on the tree that is my life..." Now that is profound!

    2. Yes, I agree! Very profound. Thank you, Sharon for your kind words and insight. It made my day. Tracy, yes, we are looking very forward to seeing Hamlet!

    3. Sometimes the words, like "put growth rings on the tree that is my like. . ." just come, and sometimes they don't. Still I am glad that you get the idea that I'm encouraging you to continue to write. I've gone through these periods of wanting to give up, but I know that I too would be miserable not writing.

      PS. I saw Hamlet at Stratford many moons ago, and I too listen to this with longing. You and your daughter will have to enjoy the play enough for all of us.

  2. I love your honesty, Loretta. Don't give up!!! May I also say I am SUPER JEALOUS that you are going to Stratford to see Hamlet!

  3. So basically, you're saying we should submit to God when he's allowing a challenging season in our lives? Ha ha. I'm like you. I fight such periods tooth and nail. The fact that your journalling, though, makes me think our Lord is going use this season for his glory through your writing. It sounds like you're on firm ground. May the Lord bless you in all you're going through and show his hand powerfully day by day.

  4. It's as if you read my mind (or my mail). I too contemplate laying it all down (even though I know it would make me miserable), deleting my blog which has fallen by the way side etc. etc. Thanks for sharing your heart. My blog on this subject is due tomorrow and we will have to see what I manage to come up with that says it as well as you have. It can be quite the struggle can't it? And no simple, easy answers. I wish you the best!

  5. Yes Loretta, I have thoughts like that. You are not alone. It becomes a pity party for me. BUT GOD! But God always reveals His relentless love for me and provides a way back on track whether it is through His Word, through someone else's words or through His inspirational creation. He is good and faithful. Thanks for sharing your heart and I hope to meet you at conference.

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  7. I just love this group!


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