December 15, 2014

Two Christmas Stories - Tracy Krauss

This month we were encouraged to think of our favourite Christmas stories and even try writing one of our own. 

One of my all time favourite Christmas stories is 'The Gift of the Magi' by O. Henry. In the story, Jim and Della, a young married couple, are very much in love, but have no money to buy Christmas gifts. Each one secretly decides to sacrifice something of importance in order to buy the other a present. Della cuts off her long, beautiful hair and sells it so that she can buy Jim a chain for his heirloom pocket watch. Jim sells the watch so that he can buy Della some combs for her hair. The irony is evident. She no longer has her long hair and can't use the combs and he doesn't need a watch chain since he no longer owns the watch. 

I often think Jim got the short end of that deal - at least Della's hair will grow back! In any case, the real message is that true love is never self serving but will sacrifice all for the sake of the other. 

While the story takes its title from the tale of the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus, I think it is better compared to the ultimate gift that Jesus himself gave us. He gave his very life in order that mankind might be reconciled to God. There is no greater gift than that.

As far as writing my own Christmas story, it just so happens that I have a short Christmas story releasing this week, published by Helping Hands Press.  It is called 'The Best Blue Christmas' and follows a disgruntled insurance worker as she struggles to avoid the holidays. When she finds an unlikely sympathizer in her good looking neighbour, she realizes Christmas doesn't have to be all bad. The story is part of an anthology of Christmas stories releasing this month by HHP.  


  1. Oh no, Tracy! Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't read The Gift of the Magi! LOL There probably aren't many in that category, though, so I expect your okay.

    The premise for your Best Blue Christmas story reminds me that the underlying theme of all Christmas stories, both secular and faith based, is the universal need for unselfish relationship. In short, they're based on love.

    May we all overflow this Christmas season with that gift that was given to us so freely.

  2. Thanks, Tracy for the review. I would love to read your Christmas story Best Blue Christmas. You are one busy lady!

  3. Sorry for the spoiler! I figure most people have read it or at least heard of it. (Or seen some similar TV version based on it...) I've read it many times and still love it, so I guess its okay to know the ending anyway!

  4. I too love the story, The Gift of the Magi--one of the most beautiful, yet poignant stories of love and of Christmas.

    Good for you on another story published. You are an
    amazing example of discipline and enthusiasm for writing. Thanks for being you!


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