December 19, 2014

Beloved One by Linda Aleta Tame

     A member of the Bible study I attend is also part of a Women's Prison Ministry.  Her love for the incarcerated women in our local jail is contagious, and it inspired our group to package together a few books, devotionals and of course chocolate, to express God's love and hope for a better future.  A couple of the books included were, "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo, and "Second Chances" by Max Lucado.  One of the local churches provided the devotional booklets.

     I decided to make a painting to add to our gift package.  The thought that came to mind when I sat to paint was that, with Christ, second chances are always available.  He just keeps loving and forgiving and loving some more.  I wanted to convey His mercy and His tender compassion, but I wasn't sure how that would appear as a painting.  I asked the Holy Spirit to minister to these women through the creation I was about to make.  The colours came to me one by one, and I began making marks around the page.  Then I thought to make a woman's face, as I'd recently seen in other paintings.

     When it was complete, I asked my Bible study sisters to express if and how it spoke to them.  Maria Egilsson, also an artist and author, is the facilitator of the Bible study.  She responded with the most incredible "word" from the Lord.  The painting and the "word" just seemed to go together, so that's how they were presented.  The "word" was read, and sent into the hearts of the women while the painting passed through their hands and before their eyes.  The sister who facilitates the ministry to these women said they were thrilled with all the gifts!  A brighter Christmas will be theirs this year, and maybe its Light will shine into their lives.  The Christmas story was read, and one young woman had never heard it before.  I'm grateful to have been a part of sharing God's love in this way.  May it linger and be fruitful in each heart.

Beloved One
Linda Aleta Tame

     My child, I see the weeping of your heart, those dark places that are hidden from the gaze of others. Do not be afraid to let the tears fall as My hand gathers each one, like precious pearls collected in vials of silver, etched in gold. 
     Let Me cover you under My wings, come and find shelter and rest for your soul, which is so weary and burdened.  As you come and sit with Me, there will be Light that comes like the dawning of the new day. And so it will be, for you, a dawning of new things as you give your heart into My care.  
     There is nothing or no one that can pluck you from My hand. Your heart is woven into my heart, threads that cannot be broken.  I unlock those doors that have chained you. You are not forsaken.  A new name I give to you, "Beloved One" and I will put a crown of glory upon your head and your voice, which has been so long silenced, will break out into song.  
     Once you were lost but now you are found, Daughter of a King and more precious than gold.
"Word" written by - Maria Egilsson

Please visit Maria's Facebook page Songs of the Beloved to read her moving poetry and see some of her beautiful paintings! Her book Soul Care God's Way is also available.


  1. Linda, I am forwarding this to two women I know who need to see your picture and hear Maria's 'word'.

    Neither are incarcerated, but life circumstances and physical challenges make them feel imprisoned nonetheless.

    Thank you for choosing to share this today.


  2. both the 'words' and the picture are inspired!

  3. Linda,

    This is so beautiful! A word in season via writing and painting.

    I've met Maria through FB and love her Songs of the Beloved page. I've enjoyed learning more about this ministry through your blog, as I've seen snippets of it on her FB.

    Thank you so much for being in tune with Him in your ministry to those women. How precious.


  4. Linda, what a blessings to put together the wee items for the ladies in our local jail. Your painting touched my soul and I am thanking Him that it is touching the soul of others as well.

  5. God's creativity speaking through His daughters as you use your gifts in unity. Beautiful!

  6. The words and painting, both rich and meaningful ... wonderful to see God's gifting and the creativity expressed so powerfully.

  7. Thank you all. May each of you enjoy Christ's blessings through Christmas and 2015!

  8. I loved your painting and the "word" that went with it. Thanks Linda.


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