January 15, 2014

Recommendations and Inspirations - Tracy Krauss

I always find January to be a very inspiring month for me in terms of my writing stamina. Maybe its all the talk of 'goal setting' and 'resolutions'. Or maybe my batteries are recharged after Christmas break. In any case, I look forward to January each year and the sense of excitement I feel about what the year holds.

Last year, I told you about an excellent book called Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love  by Rachel Aaron. I read a lot of other good books on writing and marketing, but this one still stands out. One of the things I discovered after reading the book was Scrivener, a software to help you organize your manuscript. I used the trial version and subsequently bought it for $40. The best forty bucks I spent last year, I'm sure.

Another wonderful 'find' was the Emotion Thesaurus by Ackerman and Puglisi. It is basically a list of emotions with various physical and psychological manifestations for each. (Like a thesaurus, as the name implies.) What a wonderful tool. I currently have an e-version, but I think I may invest in a hardcopy as well, so it can be right at my fingertips!

I had a very productive year last year in terms of writing, but I didn't actually get a lot published. One play called HOOK'S NEMESIS released just under the wire on Christmas day, as well as an anthology that I contributed to called TASTE AND SEE Volume 2. 

However, that means I can look forward to multiple releases in 2014. (I hope!) I have a devotional and a children's book waiting on US tax documents; two finished novels with my agent; and it looks like I will be writing several serials under contract - one contemporary stand alone series and one as a contributing author to a Sci-fi series. (I'm a huge Sci-fi nerd so I am especially excited about this one!)

It is all a bit scary but also quite exciting. Good thing I work well under pressure. *smile* With everything I have on the table at the moment, I think I really will be hibernating this winter...

Tracy Krauss is a teacher, artist, author and playwright living in Tumbler Ridge, BC. She currently has four novels and six plays in print. For more, visit her website at tracykrauss.com , her blog at tracykraussexpressionexpress.com , or sign up for her monthly newsletter.


  1. Way to go Tracy. Let us know more about your sci-fi contribution because I too am a huge sci-fi nerd. May God bless and guide you in all your endeavors in 2014. You are truly inspirational.

  2. Thanks for the reading suggestions, Tracy. I agree with Connie - you're inspirational!

  3. Good thing you are starting the year with all that stamina! I hope it lasts for you, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading some of your new novels! :)

  4. Thanks, Tracy, for your recommendations and inspirations posted here. You are a good role model and inspiration to many of us as InScribers or writers in general.

    I admire and appreciate your stamina, determination, and personal discipline, as I have much to learn in these departments.

    PS. Do you get anywhere near 8 hours of sleep a night? :-)

  5. Tracy,
    Just loved this. Felt excited as I read it. And i too like hardcopies of those books that I want to write in, read over and digest.
    Blessings in all your writing.
    I am interested in hearing about your children's book.
    Janis www.janiscox.com

  6. Tracy, thanks for sharing. I appreciated the tools you highlighted - I haven't used any of them - YET :) May God continue to give you wisdom, strength, and creativity. You go, girl!

  7. Sharon, I try to get eight hours... doesn't always work though! My stamina is being tested these days... for sure... I was in a car accidents, got locked out of my house, and there is now a power outage all over the region in Bc... all in less than two weeks. its making my writing goals a challenge.

  8. I was teasing you about your hours of sleep, but I'm really sorry to hear of your recent misfortunes and I certainly hope you are all right after the car accident.

    Like Ruth, I'd say, You go, girl, but with this latest news, I'm saying, Be gentle with yourself. May God bless you and give you quiet time too--I mean that in a good way!

  9. Tracy,

    You always share such good info. I went in search and found Writing Faster as a kindle for $.99. I'm taking your advice to get the Emotion Thesaurus as a paper copy.

    I'm inspired by your enthusiasm and what you've got on your list for 2014.

    Happy hibernating...


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