January 17, 2014

HIBERNATION by Bryan Norford

Hmmm. If salting oneself away at a computer is hibernation, then I guess I hibernate all year! Mind you, I’m glad just to look at the weather this winter.

My desk faces a picture window looking over university lands, and I relish the thought that weather doesn’t interfere with the delightful task of writing. My sympathies to Glynis and others who have not been so fortunate.

But hibernation is selfish, isn’t it? Although against my isolationist tendency, we continue our writer’s group, Write Clique through the winter. So much for hibernation!

So below is my New Year letter to our group for others of you that participate in writing groups. Obviously, our schedule and practice will not suit everyone, but I trust there are some ideas that will encourage and spark interest.

Happy New Year to all you Write Cliquers:

Reviewing the past, I note that Write Clique has been going for just over two years, our first meeting on Thursday September 22, 2011.

All those who joined us during the following months are still with us, if not always able to attend—all except Chloe Collin who absconded with a man of her choice to Medicine Hat. Congratulations Chloe: keep on writing!

We are now about fourteen, and we expect our attendance to vary between eight and a dozen, depending on other commitments and priorities. This is particularly true as we will now meet twice a month to allow extra opportunities for those who cannot attend regularly.

We measure our success, not by numbers, but by the enjoyment and encouragement many of you have expressed. Not only that, books have been written by our members during that time, while others of you have issued other writings as the Lord has directed you.

Our main aim is to encourage new writers—as most of us are—against the discouragement of other priorities, people’s attitudes, and setbacks we all experience. As we are gifted and led by the Lord into writing, it’s essential we receive the fellowship and support of other writers like ourselves.

As we discussed at our 2013 wind up last November, we will meet on the second and fourth Thursdays each month. Winter dates are as follows: January 9 and 23, February and March 13 and 27. Please make a note of the dates, even if you can’t attend.

Our time will be 7.00 to 9.00 p.m. sharp!! We want to make the most of the time we have. Our schedule will be as follows, timing somewhat flexible:

7.00 Opening prayer, two minute devotional, and sharing. Sharing is not compulsory, but gives opportunity for discussing plans, dreams, progress, setbacks or difficulties for prayer and assistance if needed.

7.45 Instruction. This will be fairly basic, aimed at our general level of writing. I will give some and have others more experienced to share their knowledge in this slot also.

8.30 Fellowship. A time for one on one conversation and encouragement over coffee—decaf, tea, or other sleepy beverage.

For our first meeting, January 9, following our sharing time, I will share with you some resources I found helpful in ensuring work aims at a professional quality—essential if we desire to publish our work.

For other Thursdays, Craig Funston will talk about common grammar and word use mistakes, and Ruby Cleroux will discuss the basics for fiction writing. I’m open to suggestions for other ideas you’d find helpful.

So, we look forward to seeing you next Thursday

May God bless you all richly in 2014,


  1. Bryan, I loved that kitty cat photo you posted.

    And I enjoyed the news about your writer's group. Sounds like a great one to be involved in.

    Happy New Year and wishes for lots of writing time. And, a little for hibernating too.

  2. It sounds like you have a great time of fellowship together. I like the name Write Clique!

  3. Speaking in 'official' role as Satellite Groups Coordinator West - it sounds like your group is an example example of how writers can gather to encourage and help one another. Keep up the great work!

  4. It's great to hear that you folks in the Write Clique are still cliquing and clicking on your computers. Blessings to all of you for a year of great writing.

  5. Thanks for sharing about your writers' group. It's helpful to hear how you do things. Maybe I'll try again at facilitating a group. Last time I became a bit overwhelmed.

  6. Thanks for sharing about your writers' group. It's helpful to hear how you do things. Maybe I'll try again at facilitating a group. Last time I became a bit overwhelmed.


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