December 31, 2012

Why Do We Write? - Donna Fawcett and Duke

We're pleased to welcome Donna Fawcett and Duke the Chihuahua today at InScribe Writers Online as our special Guest Bloggers.

Duke and I have had a very fulfilling year. He has quite an eye for editing although he wouldn't call himself an editor and I must admit that he thinks in an abstract way--something I value in order to stay on track. I asked Duke what we should share in this blog post and he immediately jumped to your suggested topic of  Closing Out the Year Right.

We conversed about it and this is what he had to say:
"Writing isn't just a career. No matter what a person--or dog--believes in, writing is an expression of that belief. We, as authors and writers, strive to convey our beliefs to the reader whether it is a conscious or unconscious effort. Knowing this, Donna and I always return to our main focus--why do we write?
We need to answer that question continually in order to fulfill our mission as writers. So why do we write? Do we write simply to be read? Or do we have a deep-seated desire to share truth with those around us? If so, what exactly is that truth? Donna and I look to the Bible to find our truth and once we've found it, we look for the most professional way of sharing that truth. We can't afford sloppy writing because it hints at sloppy subject matter and there is nothing sloppy about Biblical truth!

As you close out your year, ask yourself why you write. Ask yourself what you believe in and why you believe in it. Push the line and search your heart for the answer to the question 'why do I believe what I believe'. You need to know all of that. If you don't, your readers won't find that your writing carries the conviction needed to convince them. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a rather delicious-looking bowl of kibble waiting for me."

While I agree with Duke's assessment of the purpose of writing, I must admit that he needs a bit of tweaking in the manners department. At any rate, it is very important for a writer to understand the 'why' behind writing. For myself, I know I have been put on this earth to glorify God. My writing is an extension of that glorification. Its purpose is to show Christ to readers in a way that will draw them--not preach at them. As Duke and I approach year's end, we remind each other to look to the reason not only for the season but for all that we do.

~ Donna Fawcett

Duke and Donna have recently published their fun, new book entitled Duke the Chihuahua Writes! A Tutorial for Beginning Writers.

It's available on and can be purchased for $.99 US.

Donna Fawcett is the former creative writing instructor for Fanshawe College. Donna has had the honour of receiving awards for her writing (Inscribe contest finalist, The Word Awards Best Contemporary Novel for Rescued and Vengeance, Best Song Lyrics for Heaven's Light, Polar Expressions finalist, top ninety in The Writer's Union contest, Canada Reads Pick of the Day.) Donna teamed up with Duke the Chihuahua after recognizing his incredible gift for finding the flaws in her writing. Donna suspects that Duke would love to find the flaws in many other areas of her life as well, but isn't willing to give him that opportunity.  You can find Donna at:

Duke the Chihuahua is a canine turned writer/proof reader. In spite of his diminutive size and lack of chompers, Duke can tackle the scariest manuscript and take more than a bite out of the sloppy writing there. Duke and his side-kick, Bee (a juvenile German Shepherd) feel it is their mission in life to keep author, singer, songwriter Donna Fawcett on the literary straight and narrow. Here is their link:



  1. It was fun to have you two on the blog

  2. I enjoyed reading your post, Donna, and I so much agree that it's important to try and take time to write thoughtfully and to the best of our ability. Very encouraging - thanks!

  3. Donna and Duke,

    Thanks for sharing today. What a great reminder as we close out the old year and begin the new one to keep our eye on our why when it comes to our writing.

    Duke, Donna must be pleased to have you come alongside to share the journey with her in this way.

    Thanks again for being our Guest Bloggers today.

    Happy New Year!

  4. PS...

    I started reading your new book, Duke. Great information. Still need to finish it -- you'll be be happy to know it is already on my 2013 to-do list. LOL

  5. Duke and I were honoured to have a say on the Inscribe blog posts. Our goal for the New Year is to help writers find the easiest way to publication in a tricky and not-so-easy industry. Blessings all.

    Donna and Duke


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