December 09, 2012

The Winter Season - Shirley S. Tye

There are good and bad aspects to winter.

On the good side; the blanket of snow makes everything look clean, fresh, and pure; sounds are muffled by snow creating a peaceful atmosphere in many neighbourhoods; the pine trees are beautifully dressed in gowns of white; sun rays glisten on the snow making the days brighter; roads are smoother because potholes are packed with snow; mosquitoes and flies aren’t biting; weeds are asleep; and outdoor sports can be enjoyed without sweat dripping down one’s face.

On the bad side; driving and walking are treacherous activities because of icy streets and sidewalks; the cold takes away one’s breath; snow shoveling is a back breaking chore; the few birds that bravely stay to wait out the winter sing little – perhaps their notes are frozen in the air; road salt eats vehicles – I think I can hear the salt pellets chewing on what’s remaining of the metal on my old car; muddy salty puddles mark floors where boots have stepped; and getting boots on and off is a grunting exercise and when the task is complete that’s when the bathroom calls one more time.

Each season brings a change in surroundings, temperature, activities, and thinking. For some, winter is a time to slow down and perhaps crawl into bed a little earlier; a time of waiting for warmer weather and adventure; a time to work indoors; and a time to plan for the next season. Others march on at the same pace quickly switching their activities and thinking; hardly noticing a change in their surroundings.

Winter can be good or winter can be bad. It just depends on the view one takes and the adjustments one is willing to make.

~ Shirley S. Tye


  1. That is so true, Shirley - attitude makes all the difference! I've been more than usually grumbly about the early onset of cold and snow we've experienced in my neck of the woods this year. Since I'm a west coast girl by birth, upbringing and bodily climate control, adjusting to Alberta winters is a yearly challenge for me.

    The other day, I was thinking how much harder this "gritting my teeth and getting through it" mindset makes it for me (and probably others close to me). Your post reminds me to adjust my mental viewfinder a little and try to focus on the good stuff!

  2. Shirley,
    Great pictures of the good and bad of "winter in the north". We are currently in Arizona but plan to return to Canada soon.
    Rather than dreading the cold, snow, slush, etc. I will endeavour to enjoy the peace, the family and the coming of Christ.
    Attitude is all ... seeing the good, accepting the bad but releasing it to God. Thanking Him in all things.

  3. I hadn't thought about how 'sounds are muffled by the snow'. That's true. Winter brings a softness to our landscape that makes up (at least a little) for all its harshness.

    Pam M.


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