December 15, 2012

Count down to Jesus... Tracy Krauss

Just ten more days until Christmas; nine more 'shopping days'; five more days of school; sixteen until we welcome in the New Year... I seems as though we mark our lives by the passage of time, always 'counting down the days', rather than enjoying each day as it comes. I'm as guilty as anyone. (Note the 'five days of school' listed above... I'm worse than the kids!)

In scripture, the people of Israel looked forward to the coming of the Messiah. For them, there was no specific date, just a sense of anticipation that lasted for centuries. How fortunate we are today that we can know the Messiah on a personal level. We are not longer wondering when He will come. Instead we can look back and see how perfectly He fulfilled every prophecy.

Take the time this season to reflect on the wonder of the nativity. God became flesh. He dwelt among us. Two thousand years later, humanity is still in awe of the babe in the manger. What a wonderful time to share the joy and assurance of one's faith when people everywhere are open to listen.

May God bless and keep each one of you this holiday season and into the coming year.

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  1. Yes it is an opportunity to share Christ and I do hope I can do that this season. Thanks for your words, Tracy.

    Pam M.


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