September 29, 2012

For God, in the World, With our Art - Ruth L. Snyder

Yesterday, September 28th, was the first day of the ICWF Fall Conference. Nancy Rue challenged us to consider what kind of writers we are:

  • The Monk - Comes to a conference teeming with ideas, with nothing written. Praying lots. Her interior monastery (Pustinia) pulses with life, but she can't get a reading on actual production.
  • The Blue Collar (Hard Hat) - Comes to conference with a perfectly formatted manuscript and knows all the marketing routine. Writing schedule. Works hard, but no soul.
  • Balance Beam Gymnist - Totally gets the importance of both a connection with God and writing. Comes to conference hoping for a magic formula.

Nancy went on to share how she sets goals every year on her birthday. This year it was like God asked her, "Why don't you pray first and then set your goals?"

She challenged us to pray, "God, please show me what goals YOU have for me and how to accomplish them."

She encouraged us to continue to discover and celebrate our strengths as writers.

At conferences, and throughout the year we should:

  1. Be a good steward of our time. This looks different every day! Rather than trying to cram in everything you can or just kicking back and relaxing, pray and ask God, "What do I really need to do here?"
  2. Focus on the work God has shown us 
  3. Be part of our spiritual community. Writing is a solitary profession. When we have an opportunity to commune with fellow writers, we need to enjoy it!
  4. Listen to God through the place we''re in - Get outside and enjoy nature etc. God is always saying something! Are we listening?

Remember: This is your chance to allow God to establish His rhythm in you.

This morning I had the opportunity to prepare for my day by taking a walk, enjoying the scenery, and talking with God. I'm looking forward to what God is going to teach me today.

What about you?


  1. Great posting, Ruth. Thanks for your summary of a wonderful weekend.

  2. "God, please show me what goals YOU have for me and how to accomplish them."
    This is such a simple concept but how easy it is to get side-tracked and to think we have to impose our goals on God. This thought has been warming my heart ever since Conference. Thank you for the reminder, Ruth.

    Pam M.


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