April 26, 2012

Knowing - and doing - God's Will - Karen Toews

Sometime last fall, the desire to lead a women's Bible study at our church started germinating in my heart. Just like sowing tiny spinach and lettuce seeds to lay in the ground over winter, waiting for longer daylight and warmer spring days - it wasn't the right time for my study to push through the ground until April.

Now, public speaking and taking leadership are gifts I've been given - but even my daughter expressed surprise when I told her I was leading a Bible study. Yes, I read my Bible, sometimes attend other Bible studies, search out scripturally inspired books and online devotionals, am thankful for Biblical messages from the pulpit - but initiating to lead a study is new to me.

That's the neat thing about God putting something within your heart. He gives you the confidence and passion to follow through on your mission. My motivation included several reasons:

  • to provide opportunity for women from our church to learn from God's word together
  • to meet other women in our church (two Sunday morning services can create"gaps")
  • to provide a secure place to share our hearts
  • to believe that other women would gain confidence to pray out loud in a group setting 
  • for my own deeper walk with Christ through designated time preparing for the study
It was a challenge deciding what study to choose. I had three options in my mind, two of which had a body, soul and spirit thrust and the third which was strictly a topical Bible study. I bounced these ideas off our pastor and the only other woman I knew who was keen on joining a study. Their comments were almost identical, " God has directed you this far and he'll let you know which one you should do." Big help!

Number three option was my pick,  Notes on my Night Table, a 14-week study on knowing the will of God, written by Inscribe's own, Elsie Montgomery. From the vantage point of being a third of the way through the study, I realize God helped me make the best study choice - one I would recommend.  The lessons prompt us to dig into scriptures and consider our response to God's word.

From six to twelve women attend each week, everyone participates and the best encouragement has been the appreciation expressed for this opportunity to share hearts and experiences with other women - around the study of the Bible.

I thank God for planting this desire within me. He's helping me to be a facilitator as we learn together. As hoped for, my faith is being strengthened - reviewing and reviving this fundamental theme in my walk with Him.

"Teach me to do Thy will, for You are my God. Psalm 143:10



  1. God plants these seeds of desire and then we must obey! Good on you!

  2. Karen, I am so glad you shared this new venture with us.

    I just love how He plants the seed of desire, waters it, watches over it... and when we follow that heart's desire, pretty soon we're both enjoying the fruit of that harvest.


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