April 13, 2012

God's Mysterious Ways - T. L. Wiens

I know my brain connects dots in a peculiar way. That was reaffirmed this past Sunday.

Our Easter Sunday message included a reference to the fact that rabbits are not kosher. Later, my mom asked if this was true. I thought it was but told her I'd look into it more closely. That night my husband did a search on the computer. Rabbits are not kosher.

But there was another fact that I had witnessed watching my pet rabbits, Zip and Tink, but never really thought much about before. Rabbits eat their poop. It's their way of getting all the nutrition out of their food and also provides them with help to keep their systems running smooth.

And here's where my unusual thought process comes in. As I thought about this, I realized there are times when I need to return to what I feel is digested and settled in my mind. When I've spent a lot of time studying a particular passage in the Bible, I sometimes don't want to revisit it. But like the rabbit's feces, there's much to be found in the way of "nutrition" in God's word and the more times you recycle these words, the better. The Bible is described as "living and active." Even when you think you've got the message, you never know what those same words will do for you the next time your read them. They are always a source of healing and growing for you soul.


  1. Quite an analogy, but I get it! LOL

    My dog likes to eat rabbit poop, too - one of the reasons I am beginning to be unhappy that we have so many wild rabbits in our neighbourhood :(

  2. LOL Susan!
    Maybe it's his way of getting his vegetables. (Although contrary to Bugs Bunny, carrots aren't a rabbit's favourite food)

  3. This is hilarious! You drew a good lesson out of this homey scene. I guess there are lessons wherever we look, if we keep our eyes open.

  4. I knew that rabbits weren't kosher because once, when I was a child, my mother did a Bible study with us kids and in it was a list (with pictures) of all the 'forbidden' foods. I remember seeing a picture of a bunny. I didn't know why, though ... interesting. You certainly found a unique way to apply this information to one's spiritual life!

  5. Hi Violet and Tracy,
    Glad you found the humour!
    I think of it as a gift to find a way to relate the unusual to God's word.

    God Bless


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