June 17, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out? - Bryan Norford

I suspect that after the riot arrests in Vancouver this week, the cries of police brutality will again ring out from those hooligans that trashed much of downtown. While most of us seek some control over our worst instincts, it seems some delight in releasing their destructive inner urges.

Already, some are decrying the use of personal photos and videos for police investigation, although pictures of police rough treatment are probably a public’s right to know. Apparently, pleas for personal privacy laws are there to protect perpetrators caught in the act, just as thieves are protected from violence by owners protecting their property.

General thuggery and mayhem is not only the right of vandals who seek to indulge in it, but they also have a right to be protected by whatever law or expedient moral virtue they can dredge up. Criminals know better how to use the system than law-abiding citizens

Despite the vows of the authorities to catch the varmints, experience suggests it is doubtful any justice of a simple “punishment that fits the crime” variety will be meted out. The violent behaviour that dogs the world is usually subject to proximate justice if any at all.

If there is any proof of the total depravity of the human soul it is the useless attempts to exterminate it. Whatever period you wish to set for human existence, it will never be long enough to change the human heart. Only Jesus Christ can do that, and even that is an ongoing project for most of us.

Thank God there is a place of separation from all that is wrong with this world in the next.

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  1. Well said. This type of depravity is nothing new, is it? Still, I find it shocking each and every time something like this happens. I'm not perfect, by any means, but I do not understand the kind of mindless rampage that would ruin a city and its reputation. If there is a cry of 'injustice' on the part of the hooligans themselves, let's hope the public outcry will be greater.


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