June 15, 2011

Tracy Krauss - A Nation Inspired

Inspiration can come from many places and in many forms. Sometimes it is a mere sense of well being; an inner nudge that you tuck away and ruminate on later in the day. Sometimes it is an explosion that must be satisfied immediately through a frenzy of creative activity. Beyond the usual scope of beauty in our surroundings, I believe that patriotism, national pride, and even fervor for a favorite team can spark the inspirational muse.

Right now we have an interesting situation in Canada that is sparking just this kind of fervor and pride. Of course, you all know what I'm talking about. The Vancouver Canucks are in a final show down for the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. The fact that game seven is TONIGHT has not been an optimal situation for Vancouver fans, but even if you don't normally like hockey, you'd have to be a hermit to not take at least a smidgen of interest in tonight's outcome.

Like it or not, we do take a certain collective pride in our national sport here in Canada. Hockey is 'Our Game'. It was invented here and the majority of the elite players in the NHL still come from Canada, despite an influx of talented American and European players. Hockey permeates our culture. The ice rink is the hub of every community, from small towns to large centres. You don't have to be a fan to know that this is true. Hockey permeates our culture the way very few other things can ... even in June!

The swell of 'Canuck fever' is reminiscent of the pride that permeated our country during the Olympics just a little over a year ago. As Canadians, we have rarely felt the intensity of patriotism and pride in our nation as we did during those games. The crowning moment, of course, was winning the gold medal game in Men's Hockey. And now, here we are, back in Vancouver, waiting on the edge of our seats for this evenings spectacle to unfold.

Whatever the outcome, I'm proud to be part of this great nation we call home. And if it takes a hockey game or two to remind us, well, that's okay by me.

A sad postscript:  By now, I'm sure you are aware of the outcome of the game. Although disappointed at the Vancouver loss, no words can adequately describe the utter disgust I feel at the mob's shameful behavior afterward. What a horrible blight on such a beautiful city. I can't help but make the comparison between this scene and a similar 'mob mentality' in the Bible. Adoring fans cried 'Hosanna' in the street, yet days later their voices yelled, 'Crucify him!'. What darkness lies within the heart of man.  Perhaps this post would have been better titles "A Nation Disgraced".


  1. So much for watching a movie tonight...my husband will wanna watch the game. lol. I might even check on the score once in a while!
    Pam M.

  2. Yikes! Boston is up one nothing after one period

  3. As my postscript says, disgrace and shame are the legacy left after the game - not so much for the Canuck players who lost, but for the thousands of so called 'fans' who have marred their city's reputation forever.


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