January 06, 2011

Control Freak (Retired) - Glynis Belec

I really was trying to take the healthy route when I told my dearly beloved I was going to walk to church. But lo and behold, I barely got past our own driveway and WHOOSH! my life flashed before me. In a nutshell, I didn't make it to church. I am now sporting a lovely elbow to finger cast and my time clicking away on computer keys is a snail's stride, compared to my usual run rabbit, run pace.

As I contemplate and commisserate with me, myself and I, suddenly I am reminded how quickly life can do a  three sixty. When things happen and plans are thwarted, I am also suddenly reminded Who is at the helm. [And it isn't me, sugar!] I wonder how many more prods it will take for me to realize that I don't need to worry or fuss about one single thing. I cannot sit back thinking that I have no work to do in this life, but I do need to sit back and realize that I don't have to run the show.

I'm chalking this up to another God prod. When things happen and plans are thwarted, I always wonder about what God has in mind for the coming week/month/year.

Already I am contemplating the Word in a different way. I was slacking off a little in my quiet time with God. Time to pull up my socks. My spiritual life was a bit dependent on my mood. Time to forget about me and think upon Him. Excuses for not doing what God required of me were rampant. Time to seek to serve instead of seeking to take life easy.

This new year is a time to make some radical changes for Jesus. I think I will start by focussing on the Creator and the Controller of the  Universe. When I stop and think about it, He is the one who will decide if I wake up tomorrow morning! So I've decided not to whine and complain about the wretched, heavy cast (did I just complain?) Instead I will sing "Holy, Holy, Holy is our God..."


  1. Isn't it amazing how God often has to go to extremes in order to get our attention?! If we'd only learn to let Him take the helm all the time before we have to learn another lesson 'the hard way'.

  2. Good thoughts and much appreciate by another person with too many balls in the air that she's trying to control.

  3. I could say I learned that lesson a long time ago, and it would be true. But that doesn't tell you how many times I've had to relearn it since.

    Thanks for the reminder that our perverse nature can slip into its old ways too easily.


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