October 04, 2010

Better Writing Skills - Gwen Mathieu

Here it is Oct. 4, 10:00 p.m. and I realize I am to post some type of writing. It seems I leave some things until the last minute.

I believe it was Jerry Jenkins who said, "Writing a novel is hard work." I think even writing a small thing like a blog post is hard work.

I am looking forward to our "Critique Writer's Group" starting this week. There is nothing like a writer's group to get you motivated and help discipline your writing time. I need a lot of encouragement in this area. There are too many things in my life that are distracting, but enjoyable. Like reading, for instance. I love to bury myself in some one's plot. I love being introduced to new characters. The last two novels I read were delightful and inspirational.

Oh, if I could only write like that! Perhaps I can. But I will never know if I don't try. I need to continue on with the novel I started nearly ten years ago. Ten years! Surely I have learned "better writing skills" during that time. Surely?


  1. Great job of posting something off the top of your head! I think the 'discipline' of writing is something we could all improve. (At least, that goes for me ...)

  2. Gwen....... Just think, if you'd never even started 10 years ago, you'd be still at the beginning, so you are probably a lot further ahead than you think!



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