September 13, 2016

Just How Amazing is the Bible? By T.L. Wiens

How hard is it to write a book? There are aspects of the task that come easy while other things are not so easy. Getting all the dates right and keeping facts straight is one of those things that I find hard. And while logic would say writing non-fiction should be easier in this sense, that’s not always the case.

The time chart of the Bible is one of the aspects of the Bible that convinces me only God could have written this book. Here’s a book that spans hundreds of years and used the writing skills of many human authors but it all flows. There are no mix ups with names or dates. The timeline of Genesis agrees with Revelations. That amazes me.

If I leave a manuscript for a year, I forget details. There are four hundred years between the New and Old Testaments. Yet, the author didn’t miss a beat. And I doubt there were many edited copies of the epistles to fix any author oversights. It all just works together.

I read a book which was made up of four novellas that used the same characters with each novella focusing on a different main character. Each was written by a different author. And you could tell. The little things were out of place like different dialogue styles. I don’t find that in the Bible. While I can identify different writer’s style, I don’t find the story itself varying. The Moses of the Old Testament is the same as in the New Testament. God is always God.

For me, there is no doubt that God and only God could be the author of the Bible. I believe what He wrote is true, not just stories. The miracles happened, the conversations happened and through these lives we can find the path to bring God into our own lives. The Bible is truly an amazing book that no matter how many times I read, I find something new, a plot that transports me into a different place. A living book that changes the lives of its readers like no other.


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    1. I know this isn't a goal post, Tracy but then again it kind of is. My goal is to concentrate on the thing Jesus is talking to me about. Recent events have definitely led me to looking at the Bible and why I believe it is God's word.

  2. You bring out some interesting points about the veracity and credibility of the Bible. I agree with what you are saying, such as always finding something new when you are reading. Sometimes we can read glibly along; other times we read more thoughtfully and prayerfully and we gain an insight we had previously missed. Thanks for your excellent and valid post, Tammy.

  3. Thank you Sharon.
    I truly find the Bible amazing.


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