July 24, 2014

Writing to a Different Audience by Lynn Dove

This month’s focus was writing in a genre, voice/style or for a particular audience that I would not normally write in or to. Still I couldn’t help but giggle when I entitled this blog post “Writing for a Different Audience”. It just begs quotation marks around “different”, does it not?

As I thought about it, the comedic side of me immediately surfaced and I thought about what “different” audiences I should write about or to. So here goes:

Writing to my dog would require a bare bone plot line and may be a little rough (ruff) around the edges.

Writing to a cat would require a scratch-pad handy to jot down my thoughts and ideas, but in the end I would only be able to scratch the surface…it would never be absolutely perfect (purrfect) or to the cat’s liking or licking as the case may be.

Writing about a tree would leaf me breathless, especially if I made sure a few shady characters were thrown in for dramatic relief that wood leave the reading audience rooted to their seats.

Writing about a vacuum cleaner would require catchy pick-up lines but in the end the plotline would likely suck.

Writing about a cellphone in the context of a mystery novel would require indecipherable code (LOL), a limit of text, characters, and horrific grammar. It wd B a Bst sell R 4 shur!

Lastly, writing while on vacation may not have been my best idea, but it definitely has been fun!


Feeling punny? Add one of your own for all the writing pundits out there...hahahaha!


  1. Lynn,

    We LOVED this post...sure glad you shared your comedic side with us.

    Let's see now, if I were writing to my bird family in the tree outside my window, I would need to write down a few thoughts and let them incubate as I brooded over them, keeping them warm and protected until they were fully formed.

    Thanks again, Lynn, this was fun.


  2. Very punny, Lynn. Thanks for the light touch!

  3. Loved the "ode to your bird family" Brenda!


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