March 11, 2014

TheTruth about Controversy by Connie Inglis

This topic has been a real challenge for me, mostly because I don't focus on controversial issues in my writing. So then I got to thinking about why that is. I don't disagree with those who do. In fact, I think it's beautiful to see those that know God is calling them to write on such topics. I just have never felt that tug on my heart.

There was a time when that might have bothered me. Am I missing His direction in my life? Am I not hearing His voice? But, I have learned to be comfortable in who I am and to speak from what I know. I know about growing up insecure and misunderstood--and God's healing from that; I know about bringing up a family in a third-world culture; I know about linguistics; I know about the hope that the translated Bible can give to a Buddhist group that has no word for hope in their language; I know about spiritual oppression and attack from evil spirits; I know about failure and forgiveness in parenting; I know about the challenges of being a single mom through my daughter; I know a little about being married to a person with mental illness and the resulting abuse through the life of that same daughter. I know about transitions. But mostly I know about a good God, a gracious God, a faithful God, and most of all, a LOVING God. I know about the power of prayer and how God answers out of His goodness. I know about spiritual awakening and being thankful. I know about TRUTH. And that's what God asks me to write about.

There is so much pain and sadness and ingratitude in this world. My prayer is that I speak into that through what I know and what I've experienced--to testify to God's love with a heart of thankfulness and a message of hope.

Keith Green said, "I've never tried to be controversial. The truth is controversial enough." He was right. When we speak the truth of Jesus our words can offend because His Name is offensive to the world. Even speaking the truth in love can be controversial. If I share what I know about Truth and that results in controversy well, then, bring it on!

Some of you may know of Keith Green, others may not. I want to close with the title song of his album, "No Compromise." I used to listen to this album a lot as a teenager and young adult. It has always challenged me to speak truth. I hope it will be an encouragement to you today.


  1. Love Keith Green and his music. He was taken too early, but God needed him more!
    Great post, Connie. I appreciate you for being vulnerable and sharing what you 'know.' I always remember that wonderful piece of advice that I received when first started writing - when you write from the heart you touch other people's hearts!

  2. Wonderful advice Glynis. Thanks.

  3. Last time I wrote post about patriotism and Christianity and... It was quite controversial. It is difficult topic in my country, where patriots from the past are like idols. Here patriotism is strongly connected with religion, especially with Roman Catholic Church.
    But Christ taught, that we should love our neighbours. Christian peace is probably the most difficult aspect of God's love.

  4. The truth is indeed sufficiently controversial. Love the music and heart of Keith Green. Rich Mullins similarly...

  5. Buddhists don't have a word for hope? That's so very very sad. I'm glad you 'know' the joy they can find when the Gospel is shared.

    Loved your post, Connie. I look forward to more of them. :)

  6. A wonderful post, Connie. You have some very interesting experiences to share, either as fiction or non-fiction. It's amazing to see the sum total of all of us as InScribers writing what we know about life and God and walking with him. May God continue to guide each of us in the direction he has planned for us. And may we be willing to follow God's gentle guidance.

  7. Bobbi,
    I wasn't saying that all Buddhist groups don't have a word for hope. I was talking only specifically about the language group we work with--and yes, they are Buddhist.

  8. I love what you wrote, Connie! And P.S. "You had me at 'Keith Green'!"

  9. "I've never tried to be controversial. The truth is controversial enough." Great quote Connie! And I love Keith Green's music too!



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