September 11, 2012

Resource Rich -- Sharon Espeseth

I feel thankful for the many writing resources I have at my fingertips.

1. Literally at my fingertips is my 2007 iMac, which continues to be a faithful workhorse. With thankfulness I am reminded of my first typewriter, a portable Remington, that my aging fingers and wrists couldn't possibly handle today. Then there was my IBM Selectric that had a cartridge you popped in and out to fix errors. Writing anecdotal report cards and the odd writing submissions was a chore when compared to the ease of typing, editing, rearranging stories on computer as I do today. Also at my fingertips is the Internet.

2. My family who supports me in my writing and often gives me someone or something to write about, like our chocolate drop below.

I would have to put up lots of photos to represent all my family helpers: my father who was a colourful character and a storyteller himself, my grandkids who are the cutest, my husband and proof reader, our own kids, sisters . . .

3. The writing books and other books I have squirrelled away over the years, and the availability of our Public Library.

4. God's word have I hid in my heart. Still I have to look up verses and passages for my writing, so I have several versions or translation.

5. The Roman Catholic missalette, Living with Christ. Each Sunday has an O.T. reading, a Psalm, something from the Epistles, and the Gospel reading with a related theme. Week day readings are similar, so each day's reading gives the basis for a Scripture-based article.

6. The Women Word Weavers of Barrhead, who are excellent supporters, teachers, friends, and fellow learners. They are my critics, my motivators, my cheerleaders.

7. Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship with its contests, feedback, ListServ where I am motivated by what others are doing, conferences, role models, teachers. Marcia Laycock's devotional course was an excellent resource for me. FellowScript writers and editor Bonnie Way always have new writing ideas to try and lessons to learn.

8. Hope Clark from Funds for Writers 's two newsletters, Small Funds for Writers and Total Funds for Writers, have given me many sources for markets, contests, and an occasional "bonk on the head." 

9. Meaningful feedback from a Writer-in-Residence for Alberta Authors Association. This is something to look into as many of the colleges and some of the city libraries have writers-in-residence. Look for them.

10. Resources come in all shapes and sizes. Some are inanimate; some are animate, even human. I am thankful for them all. My office, my life, my surrounds are resource rich. Writing continually calls me, and life goes better when I make time for my writing.  When I take time to talk to and listen to God, I find my writing goes more smoothly. God, the Creator, is really my number one resource for writing and for life.

"The Sovereign Lord is my strength;
he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
he enables me to go on the heights."
Habakkuk 3:19a NIV


  1. Well, first of all, your 'chocolate drop' is just too cute for words. Adorable!

    Enjoyed learning about what helps keep you writing. Some good resources!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am with all of resources, friends, and family that support my writing.


  3. What a great list! I totally concur with the typewriter!

  4. Good to hear from you, ladies. Thanks for your comments.Yes, Pam, we can all use reminders about what some of our "natural" resources are.

    I should also mention that Brenda helps me when I get stuck on blogging technique. I could have listed you as another writing resource, Brenda, and I should have mentioned how helpful your blogging workshop and online course were. Thanks.

    Tracy, I think you would be too young for a Remington portable typewriter like I had. My granddaughter Lacey is a lively, cute sweetheart, but she keeps us hopping when we babysit her.


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