August 15, 2010

Sacrifices of Praise! - Janice Keats

What is the sacrifice of praise? We can begin to understand by analyzing this Scripture.

“But the Lord who brought you up out of Egypt with mighty power and outstretched arm, is the one you must worship. To Him you shall bow down and to Him offer sacrifices. You must always be careful to keep the decrees and ordinances, the laws and commands he wrote for you. Do not worship other gods. Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods. Rather worship the Lord your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.” (2 Kings 17:36-39)

1. To Him you shall bow down. When we bow, God has our attention; we are reverent.

2. Be careful to keep the decrees and ordinances, laws and commands. God has His purposes for us to follow and obey. Be careful that we keep in line with God, be careful that we are obedient to His commands. Remember to keep them, they were written for us to follow.

3. Do not worship other gods. Why not? Other gods are misleading, other gods takes your mind off the true and living God. Remember, God is a jealous God.

4. Rather, worship the Lord your God. Why? He will deliver you from the enemy. His arm is outstretched with power. The Lord your God is in control.

To Him you shall bow down and offer sacrifices….
To Him belongs the praise and glory!

5. Do not forget the covenant I made with you.
And yet the people served Him and idols too. What sacrifice is there in serving two masters? Or, many idols? What do we sacrifice? Our time, talents, reverence, worship at home, and in God’s house. Taking time out for God is a sacrifice of praise and worship. We choose not to focus on self but Him!

Evidently, the Israelites didn’t listen to these commands. They honored the Lord and they worshiped idols at the same time. Hezekiah did what was right and the Lord ordered him to destroy the places where other gods were worshiped. Did you know that the Scriptures speak well of God’s righteous people? 2Kings 18:7 says: “And the Lord was with Hezekiah and had success in everything he did.”

When we follow God's ways in life He gives us peace. Psalm 85:8 says: “I will listen to God the Lord. He has ordered peace for those who worship him….”

May you be drawn closer to Him today!

Janice Keats

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