October 29, 2019

Part of the Team!

Become part of our blogging team!
Tracy Krauss here, your friendly IWO moderator! I've been part of the blogging team here at 'InScribe Writers Online' since about 2011. Reading your posts has become part of the fabric of my day. I look forward to hearing each unique voice. For example...

Sandi Somers starts us off right with thought provoking themes that are woven together with stories of personal experience and triumph - or hard lessons learned! She sets the bar HIGH each month and gets us off on the right foot. 

Marnie Pohlmann is a true wordsmith. Always eloquent, always rich and intricately written, her posts leave me pondering long after I've read them. And she often gives us some practical application, too.

I love the transparent and honest way that Alan Anderson writes! He shoots from the hip - or is it the heart? His posts are full of compassion and care and we know exactly where he stands on any given topic. 

Sharon Espeseth is plain inspiring. Her posts are deep, full of wisdom and truth - despite difficult circumstances. She makes herself vulnerable so that we can see God's grace working in her life. That's a beautiful thing. She is also a consistent encourager in that she is a frequent commenter and encourager to others. 

Wendy Macdonald's posts are full of joy and the celebration of life. I always find myself smiling when I read her posts because she finds beauty in the small things. 

And that's just a small sampling! We have so many talented and inspiring writers on our current roster and so many more that have graced us with their thoughts over the years. Just check the sidebar if you're in doubt! THANK YOU to everyone, past and present, for making this blog RICH soil for your words to grow!

But that's not all!

There is room here for YOU, dear InScribe member! We're looking for fresh blood - and returning favourites - to join our blogging team to make 2020 the best year ever!

Here are a few good reasons to join the blogging team:
1. Practice writing to a theme. 
2. Fosters accountability and consistency.
3. Heightens the ability to meet deadlines.
4. A non-threatening place to share.
5. Hone and sharpen writing skills.
6. A supportive community.
7. Great transition into publication.
8. Build social and online platform.

I'm sure there's more, but if you would like to blog, either on our regular roster or even as an occasional guest, email the moderator (that's me!) 


  1. Hi Tracy and InScribe family bloggers! I love being part of our blogging team. I look forward to the blogs of those who write them. The topics Sandi chooses are always thought provoking and pertinent to our lives. If you are thinking of becoming one of our bloggers, take the plunge. You won't regret it. Thank you, Tracy, for your leadership of our team.

  2. Thank you for your dedication to this Tracy. You are inspiring too!

  3. A big thank you to Tracy Krauss for her moderating of InScribe Writers Online and to Sandi Somers for starting us off with her thoughts for each monthly theme. I look forward to reading Sandi's blog on the first of each month. I enjoy reading each blog and I rather miss it when there isn’t a blog on a particular day, so a big thanks to all who write a regular IWO blog or a guest post. Thanks also to those who read and/or comment on our blogs.

    I’ve had a good run at this, because on October 10th, I posted my 81st monthly InScribe blog. Due to life/family circumstances, I’m not submitting as much writing for publication elsewhere right now, but I do appreciate this writing opportunity and the encouragement it gives me to continue writing. I’ve hung up my metre stick in the classroom, but how do you hang up a computer?

    1. Haha! So true, Sharon. I am grateful that despite challenges right now, you are hanging in there on this blog. I would seriously miss your voice were you to take a break. (But of course, no pressure!!) Love you lots!


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