January 15, 2016

Making a List and Leaving It - Tracy Krauss

There is a tug-of-war going on inside as I peer into the coming year. It's between the desire to be more productive and wanting to just rest in God's timing. 

This month's prompt asked what risks we were willing to take as writers and what ways we intended to stretch ourselves as we strive toward our goals. I'm not sure about risks, but I do feel stretched. Like many of us, I have a long list of projects I want to see come to completion this year. Included on that list are two novels that are both near completion. KEEPING UP WITH THE NEIGHBORS is the sequel to my NEIGHBORS series, and WHISPERING WINDS is a third book following WIND OVER MARSHDALE and LONE WOLF. As well, the rights for my first novel AND THE BEAT GOES ON, which was published over seven years ago, have been reverted back to me. I would like to revise and re-publish it using my own imprint. Did I mention a couple of plays that I'd like to submit for publication, a non-fiction book based on some blog posts, a ton of other business related things like revamping my website and finding some new distribution channels, writing a regular column for FellowScript, finishing some online courses that I started...  

The list is quite lengthy. 

Yet, I feel God prompting me to keep my goals simple this year. Not that there is anything wrong with the above 'to do' list. I hope I manage to accomplish most of the things on it. However, of greater importance is to be more aware of God's timing. I have a tendency to run ahead of God. At the end of 2016 I want to be able to look back and know that I was listening, no matter how many items are checked off that list. That means more time in quiet reflection and more time in His presence. For me, letting go of 'the list' is a stretch, but it's one that I'm ready for. In essence, I've made my list of goals but I'm leaving it up to God.

I'm excited about this year. Productivity aside, I'm anticipating God's presence, leading, and blessing. What could be better than that? 


  1. Anonymous6:58 am GMT-7

    Sounds like you are starting with the end of mind--wanting to be able to look back on the year and see how you were listening to God through it all. And keeping God at the centre of it all, too. A perfect start to the risk taking of letting go of lists, I would say!

  2. Tracy, I felt tired after reading your list … and yet, IF God calls you to complete that, He will enable. You spoke of your ability to "run ahead of God." I appreciate your anticipation of God's presence. We all interpret the challenge to "Be still and Know" in different ways. Blessings to you as you anticipate His presence and release the list. And thank-you for your ongoing encouragement to us bloggers :)

    1. I would say that running ahead of God is more of a liability than an ability! :)

    2. Two sides of a coin, I have a great "gift" of taking scripture out of context! There are times though, when direction seems unclear, and sometimes I decide I need to move, and ask God to close the doorway if Im not moving in His direction, and hopefully I will get the message. It is easier to direct a moving ship than one anchored in port …. May it be a great listless year!

    3. I am smiling as I read your blog, Tracy. God knows us well and he knows that I need to take risks by taking more time for my writing and then risk sending things out. You have accomplished so much these past years that God is challenging you to go ahead and make your list, but then leave it with him. The similarity is that we both need to leave our lists with God and follow his guidance. I too want to train myself to listen this year.

      Thanks for your take on this. May I say along with Jocelyn, "May it be a great listless year!"

  3. Tracy, in answer to your final question? NOTHING! How exciting to leave your list in God's hands. Amen!


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