August 08, 2014

A Writer's Fantasy by Loretta Bouillon



We are pleased to welcome InScribe member Loretta Bouillon as our Guest Blogger today.



What if I had a whole year free to completely focus on my writing with an unlimited budget for resources? What would that look like?

This is a fantasy that has replayed in my mind often; however, in this fantasy, I seem to be a tiny bit older living the life of an empty nester. My hats, as I wear them now, would be changed. No longer would I be a homeschooling mother/teacher, a manager of social engagements, a manager of personal development courses, a chauffeur, a cook for many, a laundress and a youth group coordinator (I may be missing a few!).

Waking up to my morning brew and turning on my praise music would begin my day with the Lord. I would also study my bible, read my devotion book, write to God a bit in my journal and ask direction for my day. I would take care of any practical tasks that needed to be done in order to make me feel organized enough to sit down for a while. It has been a strong belief of mine – prodded by my past many years of craving a moment of silence – that an inspirational writers’ nook would be ideal. For example… a place that I could actually leave all my writing-related belongings and know that it would remain untouched until the next time I sat down to write! Beginning there with a daily entry in my blog, I would then move onto another writing piece in progress. This would be the routine of a typical day.

Having my own laptop (not shared with one of my children), would be fantastic. Perhaps even owning my own iPad, so I could read every email with Inscribe and other resources, would result in myself being more connected into a network of writers.

Let me indulge me fantasy a little more here. Not having to be concerned about time or financial resources would allow me to travel to the exact locations of different scenes in my novel. This way I could accurately write with ease and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of each setting. I would visit the most interesting coffee shops in each venue, as that is where I find the most inspiration with my writing.

I would look forward to the luxury of long uninterrupted chunks of time to complete some piece of writing to fruition. In my present life, I have bits and pieces of many writing projects divided between a couple of children’s laptops, some on my pink USB stick and still other bits of writing in journals (yet to be transcribed into type).

Not having to choose between the two, I would attend both Inscribe Writer’s Conference and the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. Perhaps I could even take more than one writing course at a time, and maybe even live in a city where I could have the option of taking a course in a classroom with other writers and not online.

Even though this is a picture of my perfect writing year, here are my realities: I love my life right now. My children are growing into young adults. I already have one leaving in the fall for university and in five years they will all be gone. Most of my writing is inspired by life with my teens and all their wonderful friends. I am truly blessed to have the luxury of time to be able to homeschool them, assist them in developing their God-given gifts, shepherd their hearts, getting to know and love their friends as well as becoming their friend as well as parent. I do not want these years to end and although I know life is moving in that direction, and I do look forward to my fantasy writing life, I cherish my life just as it is now!

Loretta Bouillon has homeschooled her children for the past 18 years. Her works in progress include two children's picture books, a parenting book, and a novel. Find her blog at


  1. Loretta, I loved following you on your fantasy Writerly Life. But as you so aptly point out, most of our writing is inspired by life, the life God has given us today. I guess it's about trusting that he's put us where he wants us right now, and making the most of this opportunity. Still, being able to travel to where our scenes take place... Tantalizing!

  2. I think I have had this same dream.....

  3. Thanks so much for being our Guest Blogger today. Enjoyed catching a glimpse of your 'what if' writing year.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more....

    Blog Moderator

  4. Bobbi, absolutely it is about trusting in Him. If He has words to write through us He will accomplish that in less than ideal circumstances, in the midst of our busy lives! It was fun to dream though! Looking forward to getting to know all of you more....

  5. "... I cherish my life just as it is now!"

    Good for you for living in the moment Loretta!

  6. I remember so clearly when God told me that my children were my "little disciples" (they were little then) and that they should always be my priority. They are now young adults and I am thankful for those formative years. Despite my blunders and mistakes, God is real in their lives. He deserves all the praise for that. All that to say, I like your attitude of cherishing your life just as it is right now.

  7. HI Loretta,
    It's nice to meet you and get to know you and your writing interests a little. I'm glad you added what you are thankful for now because that's the reality we all have to come back to! Very thoughtful! It sure is nice to dream, though, isn't it!
    Pam Mytroen

  8. It's great to dream, but I appreciate your dose of reality, and that perhaps the life you have now is more productive than the dream may ever turn out to be!


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