March 20, 2013

X Stands For... -- Brenda J. Wood

Do you remember your A-B-Cs? You know, the traditional A is for apple; B is for baby and so on. I wondered if there could be a Christian version. Strongs Concordance supplied the following: 

A-Adopted         B-Blessed         C-Conquering          D-Delivered  
E-Established     F-Free               G-Graced                H-Healed     
I-Inheritor          J-Justified          K-Known                L-Loved M-Ministering 
N-Named           O-Over comer   P-Precious              Q-Quickened  
R-Redeemed      S-Saved             T-Transformed        U-Upright      
V-Valued           W-Wanted          Y-Yielded  
X-                      Z-Zealous 

Theres no X word in an English Bible, but in the Greek, its Xpioros, or Christos, meaning anointed, Messiah, an epithet of Jesus Christ.

The Dictionary says X stands for Christ as in Xn (Christian) and Xmas (Christmas).  X also stands for the algebra unknowns we fought  in math class. We may wish to have or be everything in this new alphabet version but without X, the Christ, its impossible.

Where is the X, the Christ in our lives? Is He  X, the unknown?
 X, the Christ, a shortcut to what we want?
Or is He X, the crucified Christ, raised from the dead and our personal Saviour? 

John 6:69: And we believe and are sure that thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God (KJV)

Prayer: Father, thanks for X, the known Christ!  Amen.

Brenda J Wood, author & speaker
The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester of widowhood


  1. Brenda, I like your question, where is the X?

    For me, like you, He is Christ the crucified, Christ the risen, and Christ the One who lives in my heart.

  2. Brenda, I enjoyed your post. You've used a common concept to teach a spiritual truth. Thanks for sharing!


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