March 12, 2013

Flickering Light: Lorrie Orr

I love looking up at the sky on a clear night.  Glittering and brilliant stars illumine the darkness.  A star’s energy source lies deep within it.  Gases combine and change in nuclear fusion. Energy, in the form of light and heat is emitted.

Jesus Christ tells me, his follower, to “let (my) light shine.”  Sometimes the light emitted by others seems so much brighter than my own.  It’s easy to look at the glowing Christian stars surrounding me and to compare their brilliance to my own wavering light.  I feel like a useless failure, faint, not shiny at all.

But, if just one dim star shone on a dark night, I know that my eyes would be instantly drawn to it.  God say in Isaiah 42:3b “A dimly burning wick he will not extinguish.” That promise gives me encouragement that the smallest spark of faith will not be snuffed out as if useless and unnecessary.  He has no desire to quench the sputtering light of my life.  Rather, God nourishes the faint glow of faith with His love and gentle presence in my life.  Although dim, my ordinary life contributes to the total amount of light in the world.

I can be encouraged that my life, my light, counts for something. As God’s presence and Holy Spirit fill every facet of my life, spiritual fusion will occur, resulting in a light that shines just as God wants it to shine.


  1. Very encouraging. Thanks

  2. Very encouraging. Thanks

  3. Thank you Lorrie for this reminder. So often I feel there's no point in putting one more word to paper. But there is a point--God's given me this gift and I need only be obedient to sharing it. How many are looking out to the stars in that one star universe is His business.

  4. Your message reminded me of the song "This little of mine, I'm going to let it shine...". Keep your light shinning, Lorraine! Thanks for the message.

  5. Great ideas on this, Lorrie. I hadn't noticed, or thought of this verse from Isaiah before, especially in "light" of our writing. "A dimly burning wick he will not extinguish." I will write that down for future reference. Thanks.


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