July 09, 2012

Where's the Good News? - Shirley S. Tye

As my eyes wondered over the online newspapers this morning, I read many headings informing about death and destruction.

At a Montreal hospital, a 50-year-old male patient jumped to his death Sunday morning. This was the second such death at that hospital within the past year. A flash flood caused power outages in New Brunswick; a two-year-old child drowned in a backyard pool in Laval, Quebec bringing this year’s total deaths by drowning in that province to forty-one; and investigators are probing the cause of a fatal BC plane crash. Near home, the town of Elliot Lake, Ontario is struggling through the after affects of a disaster. A $30 million class-action lawsuit has been filed against the town, an engineering firm, the Province of Ontario, and the owner of the Algoma Mall because the mall roof collapsed and killed two people on June 23. This disaster created a panic in some residents of Sudbury, Ontario who became concerned about the integrity of flat roof buildings in their city.

A strange headline caught my eye in the local news. Apparently there are thirty urns trapped in the collapsed Algoma Mall. I read the article. The urns along with their documentations were kept inside a funeral services shop waiting for the families to make decisions about where the ashes are to be permanently located. How strange that the dead don’t have a resting place, some sort of protective shelter. But neither do the thousands of homeless in Canada; and they’re alive.

Despite all this bad news there is good news. It may not seem like it but God is in control.

There are many situations and many people to remember in prayer.

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  1. It's a good reminder to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.... He's our Good News when the media can't find any!


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