July 13, 2012

My E-book Dilemma - T. L. Wiens

I see the offers everyday--free e-book today only! Do I like free things? Yes, but this bothers me.

When I go shopping for jewelry, art or craft items, I can't remember a time when someone just gave it to me. In fact, most of the time, these things are quite expensive. How many of these items take years to produce?

I realize for some, writing is a ministry but for many others, this is how they pay the bills. I've heard it said many times when people are shopping at craft fairs--the prices are accepted because they appreciate the time it took to produce the final product. We need to stop devaluing our time and sell our books. If not for yourselves, then for your fellow writers who need to have the income.


  1. its a dilemma - I've heard it said that an author should be prepared to give away 200 copies of a book in order to get reviews.

  2. Good thoughts, Tammy. I'm glad there are authors who take a stand!

    Pam M.

  3. Tracy, I know and am beginning to question the logic of it all. Maybe we need to adopt more of a free sample policy?

    Yes Pam, this is something that really bothers me.


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