February 15, 2012

Oh the breadth and length and height and depth! - Tracy Krauss

In Ephesians 3: 17-19, Paul's prayer is that his fellow believers would be "rooted and grounded in LOVE ... able to comprehend ... the breadth and length and height and depth ..." of Christ's love, which "surpasses knowledge." (NASB)

Even with Valentine's Day still fresh in our minds, this is the kind of LOVE that we should be focused on. I've been pondering this verse and still have trouble comprehending the total dimensionality of God's love. It's not linear, circular, or even three dimensional. It's all encompassing. It permeates every moment, every thought, and every breath. Every action, reaction or inaction. Since He is everywhere and since He is love, His love is everywhere, even in my darkest moments or lapses into unfaithfulness.

I could pray for 'comprehension', even as Paul suggests, but on the other hand, there is something about NOT understanding that is perhaps even more powerful. When I cease striving to understand, I allow the awesomeness of His magnificence to actually penetrate my heart. For this 'love business' is not a matter of the mind, after all - a matter of comprehension - oh no. It is a matter of the metaphorical HEART, that seat of love which allows us to commune with the Creator beyond comprehending ...


  1. I like the point you made about God's love being all-encompassing - not just circular or linear. I never thought of that before!
    Pam Mytroen

  2. Anonymous6:42 am GMT-7

    I like those words too.


    I also like that we don't need to understand - "seat of love which allows us to commune with the Creator beyond comprehending" ... love that.


  3. Sometimes its good to put our 'minds' aside and allow God to speak to us in other ways

  4. However, It's a good thing our mind lets us read the words to start with, eh?
    Or we'd miss the whole heart experience

  5. so true Bryan :) Its all interconnected


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