February 06, 2012

The Lord is Good to Me! - Glynis Belec

Tomorrow I will speak at a senior's home. "You could talk about writing," said Mr. A.J. when I asked him about a topic. Years ago I would never have dreamed that people would want to listen to me prattle on about what's important in my life. But they do and they did and they still ask. I've been speaking around this community and a little beyond for a while now and am amazed at the response. I have discovered the best way to keep people interested in what I say or write is to stay real and speak from the heart. Probably some of the best feedback about my editorial column (an 11 year stint) was that the reader could relate and he/she (usually 'she')  knew exactly how I felt and/or what I was going through.

The ideas for my Sugar and Spice column flowed like the springtime sap. People would often ask where I got my ideas. That surely was not a difficult question to answer. Tomorrow I will probably share a little bit of where I get my ideas, and how a writer's life is not 9-5. Perhaps I will also talk a little about how I sell an article or story and even share a little bit about rejection and sporadic pay cheques. But mostly I hopefully will relay the pure, blissful, exhilarating joy I glean from pouring words on paper.

God has blessed us with an amazing world. All one needs to do is to look around; lots to write about. Sometimes we mess up that amazing world; more to write about. God blessed us with families and laughable moments, challenges, heartbreaks, sadness and reasons to rejoice; an ever-flowing, overflowing well of ideas.

One of the best and purest and sweetest topic in this whole world to write about is children. I used to write about my junior offspring a lot but once they grew up and became all teenage like then I had to tread a little more carefully. Now that they are big people with babies of their own - mmm...good. Love those beautful grandbabies of ours! I can feel those ideas flowing once again. My muse is stirred. Can't wait for tomorrow.

 Oh yes...the Lord is good to me!  Take it away Miss J!


  1. I'm so glad you have all these ways to share, and thanks for that adorable little singer!

  2. Glynis, I'd love to be in one of your classes. Your enthusiasm communicates even across the miles, I can only imagine what it would be like face to face.

    Is little Miss J. yours? She sure is adorable.

  3. Thanks, Ramona and Violet. Yes, Miss J is surely my little granddaughter and when she is with me, nary a moment goes by without some wonderful reminder of her being a gift from God!


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