September 14, 2009

Questions from Simone

Last week Simone asked me if she could interview me about my faith. Simone is taking a class in world religion this semester in high school. As part of her assignment she was required to find someone who would not be afraid to talk about her faith. The information would then be shared with a small group and, of course, her teacher.

I stepped up to the plate when she asked me. Any opportunity to talk about my faith - especially from someone who wants to listen, makes me giddy. This would be easy. I know where I stand and what I believe. Give me a mountain top and I will shout from it. So I told Simone to bring on the questions.

To my initial surprise, and as technology deems, she didn't want to do a face to face interview. Simone sent an e-mail my way complete with ten different questions. As a writer, one would think that I would love the opportunity to share in words, my thoughts. Actually I did. But I didn't expect the questions to overpower me and challenge me in my everyday. It's not that the questions were difficult. They were actually straightforward and thought-provoking. But let me tell you, when I had to actually put my thoughts into words, I realized the importance of really thinking about my faith and what it means to me personally. How do I present myself as a Christian? What is it about God that is undeniably real? Why do I hold fast to a faith that cannot be fathomed by others? These weren't the questions Simone sent my way. But these were the questions that surfaced in my mind as I responded to the e-mail. And I am glad they did.

I answered Simone's questions then I did a little more thinking about my walk with Jesus. It was then I decided that it is good for me to once in a while refresh myself in this way. So thanks, Simone for making me take stock and truly think through my faith. I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take that next step with Jesus in the lead!

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  1. Excellent points, Glynis! Now you must blog about your discoveries - or rediscoveries. (Some bigwig blogger - I think Michael Hyatt, says when asked his opinion on some things, "I don't know. I'll have to blog about it.") Writing is an excellent way of discovering and clarifying our thoughts.


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