May 04, 2009

Spring Cleaning Prepares the Way by Brenda Leyland

Would you be surprised to learn that God takes an active interest in your Spring cleaning rituals?

Spring cleaning, you ask? Of course, we know that our Heavenly Dad cares about all the details of our lives, but surely not how we clean out the corners of our winter-emerging homes?

Well, I believe He does care. Not only because He knows all that concerns us, but more widely, because everything we do, or don't do, impacts our destiny and, being as inter-connected as we are with one another, the destinies of others.

Each one of us has a greater calling and purpose, one that reaches past our temporal lives into future generations, into eternity. And whether or not we are able to take advantage of the God-given opportunities when they arise will partly depend on how prepared we are -- which includes how we keep our lives and homes in order.

We all know it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain our physical lives. We have our homes, yards, and vehicles, plus all our accumulated stuff. The more material possessions we have, the more time it takes to look after them. And, you've probably noticed, the more stuff that's piled up and out of order in our lives -- in the garage, in the basement, the office, barn, attic, and wherever else, the more effort is needed to maintain and find it when we're looking for something that's 'got to be around here somewhere'.

Which means that the more time we spend on these maintenance activities, the less time we have for our Father's Kingdom business, for writing, for instance. We all know time is at a premium. Our personal clocks are ticking, as is this old world's. We aren't eager to spend all our days consumed with only temporal activities, looking after that which will eventually end up on an ash heap.

Over the years, I have felt His gentle promptings to simplify my life more and more, to let go of those things in my life that take up space, time, effort, energy and emotion, yet give little value in return. More recently, I feel that prompting again, as He's encouraged me to keep on top of my homemaking activities. I'm to set my house in order, so that I will be in that place of readiness.

I don't want to be the caretaker of the wrong details. So, for me, that's what spring cleaning is all about. It's clearing out the junk, bringing order to my corners of chaos, and clearing the way for me to focus on the right details, those details that matter to the plans God has for me.

And in all this, I am ever mindful of the words Jesus spoke when He said that without Him we can do nothing. When it comes to clearing out my bookshelves, sorting out wardrobes, culling accumulated gadgets, tools and what-nots, I invite Him to be my Seer and Helper. After all, He sees and knows exactly what I'll need and enjoy in the future, and what truly is excess and clutter.

So, are you inspired to get to your Spring Cleaning? What if the opportunity you've waited for all your life arrives this summer? Will you be ready?

Brenda lives in Alberta with her husband and their sweet tortoiseshell cat, Miss Kitty. When Brenda's not watching for glimpses of heaven in unexpected places, she's probably writing about them on her blog It's A Beautiful Life.


  1. This is so true, Brenda - I need to have a well-ordered and simplified life so that I am not hampered by stuff in fulfilling God's purposes for my life.


  2. Thanks Lorrie! Appreciate hearing from you!!

  3. Brenda,

    Great post. Food for thought.

    LeAnne, whose office is a wreck

  4. there is definitely a link between physical and spiritual things. I know when my desk is more orderly, so is my mind. good food for thought.

  5. Oh dear this blog will have me in a
    state of frustration. Oh yes I know I need to clean out the corners, the windows are streaked with winters left overs, the closet is filled with clothes (to many)why do I have all these in the
    first place. Now I have lost weight but not ready to sort it out
    yet as I intend to lose more. Gee I can't even erase my e-mails every time I go to do that I start reading the old ones, oh that is such good information, Oh I remember when she wrote that one and on and on. The knick knacks
    are another real challenge, each
    one has a special story attached to it. HELP HELP oh well I will
    just leave it all let the my
    children do it some day, won't
    bother them to just discard it all
    ha ha ha..

  6. How timely! I think I feel a garage sale comin' on.
    Pam M.

  7. I have written, given speeches, and blogged about the correlation between uncluttering our personal space and leading an uncluttered spiritual life.

    I'm so in agreement with what you say here.

    In less than a decade I've moved from a home that was nearly 3500 sq feet, to one that was 2200 sq feet, to the Hollow, which is about 11 sq feet. We have tossed or sold or given away two thirds of what we once had. We've learned through our downsizing, how little you can live with, and how much you can live without.

    It's human nature to seem to want to collect and horde. But, we came to earth with two natures, one human... one divine. I believe that one of the tasks we have in this life is to bring our human nature into subjection of our divine nature.

    The only things I have a tough time letting go of are my family photo's, letters from my parents, my husband and my children... momentos like that. There isn't a lot I couldn't walk away from, and nothing but my loved ones it would grieve me to leave behind at death... so where is the point in becoming too attached to it?

    Anyway... I'm doing my blah, blah, blah thing. This was a well written and provocative article, my friend. You are a gift to life!

  8. Oh, you Dear Hearts! Aren't you wonderful to take such time to leave comments about my post. I appreciate you so much! Thank you!


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