April 17, 2009

God Morning

(Photo: Georgia Sunrise, ya'll. Taken last October on our way back from Florida)

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail one morning. About an hour later she sent another e-mail with the subject line - Sorry.

When she had sent her original message she had misspelled her salutation. Instead of starting out her greeting with Good Morning, she had ommitted one of the o's in Good and the result was of a divine nature - God Morning. She felt bad and chastised herself for her mistake. Au contraire...I was so thrilled to receive such a wish. And I told her so! I recall it being a day of all days when there seemed no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. And I also recall smiling and feeling a tad spiritually revived when I saw that God Morning greeting in my inbox!
Too often my day takes off at lightning speed. Since I have been feeling better, my schedule seems hectic once again and more often than not, the week is over and I am left dizzy with little scratched off my to-do list.

Every so often my friend's morning greeting still rings wonderfully in the chambers of my noggin'. I am reminded that without God, there would be no morning; no glorious sunrise; no divine blessing.
When I get the God Morning nudge, I am reminded that every breath I take; every move I make; every bird that heralds the springtime, comes from God. I'll do nothing, achieve nothing, accomplish nothing until I start my day with the Lord. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to have another go at revamping that wretched to-do list. With God at the top of the list I'm sure to have a sunny day! A blessed God Morning to you all, too! X

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  1. What a boost this is! Like a Tim Horton's large. Thank you Glynis. YOU are a boost!
    Pam M.


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