November 05, 2008

A Song in the Morning - Janet Sketchley

As a little girl, I used to bounce out of bed early, chattering and ready to play. Somewhere all that changed. Most days in my adult life have started with resentful thoughts toward the alarm clock and an excruciating crawl out of sleep’s warm embrace into a cold and dreary morning. At least that’s how it feels, even in July with sunshine and birdsong.

I’ve dreaded waking up, dragging into another day’s responsibilities with insufficient energy and less joy. Somewhere on the planet are people who spring wide awake and alert, fully rested and eager to get going. If you’re one of them, congratulations but please don’t tell me.

Occasionally I wake knowing something exciting waits in the day: a trip, or any of the days I’m at Write! Canada. I’m still low-energy, but it’s easier to get moving because I look forward to what’s waiting.

Once, I woke feeling happy. Must have had a lovely dream. Dreams that encourage me spiritually or suggest intriguing stories let me wake with more cheer, as do the mornings when there’s a song in my head before the radio comes on.

I notice the music connection even more since CBC Radio 2 changed its format. Without the gentle classical music that used to comfort me in the waking, things have gotten harder.

Not long ago, I woke one morning with a worship song drifting through my mind and something finally clicked. I thanked God for the song, for how it made it easier to accept being awake. And that night I asked Him to please do it again.

He did.

Each night I ask, and each morning there’s part of a worship song to smooth my transition into the day. Focusing on the lyrics instead of just coasting on the tune brings me into God’s presence to start the day with Him.

I can’t say I look forward to mornings yet, but the dread is gone.

God is good.

© Janet Sketchley, 2008
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  1. I love it. God is so good, isn't He? Songs in the night and in the morning too.

  2. Wow - that's a neat answer to prayer. In fact, that reminds me that the other morning I woke up with part of a worship song running through my head... Maybe I need to ask for more too! :)

  3. You and my hubby... He wakes with a song running through his head each and every morning. Often it's an old hymn which he hasn't heard for years. With Google he can look up the lyrics and get doubly and triply blessed.

  4. I'm thinking you need to go to bed earlier Johanna Mallory! :):)
    But there's nothing better that being awakened by thinking upon the Creator. Imagine when Adam awoke! Wow! I bet he jumped out of bed. We need to get that excited, huh?
    I am in agreement. Praise music or beautiful hymns - lyrics and/or tunes are the perfect way to begin the day. Blessings...


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