August 05, 2008

Where's Your Place?

I love the line in the well-loved 23rd Psalm that reads, "He restores my soul." I don't know about you, but my soul needs constant restoration. Daily life on this broken planet contrives to batter and attack my soul, leaving it bruised and hurting. To restore something is to renew or rebuild it, to "put back into a former or original state."

Since I am a new creation in Christ, when he restores my soul, he puts it back into its lovely new state - the one he created within me. But I must place myself in his care in order for him to restore me. I can do that anywhere, at any time, in the car, at home, in the office or wherever I am.

But I find much restoration in creation, away from buildings and man-made things. Walking through the woods, tramping along a sandy beach, or standing on a hill with the wind in my face is restorative. I can't help but focus my thoughts on the great Creator of beauty. I am amazed at intricate seashells, the movement of tides and currents and the infinite range of colour in nature.

An hour, an afternoon, a weekend or a few days soaking up the order of creation and I return home renewed, rebuilt and restored.

Where's your place?
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  1. I agree we all need this - more than we realize perhaps. We need to just soak up what God has given.

  2. I wish I had your tree and sandy beach—looks lovely.

    It's so important to take time to "stop and smell the flowers." We don't do it often enough. Could neglecting the creation lead us to neglect the Creator? Oh yes!

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder.


  3. Lovely refreshing post. Wish I had an arbutus tree (which illustrates your point perfectly). They don't grow as well here as on the Island.

  4. I so agree, Lorrie, that getting away from the rat race is a great way to 'restoreth the soul.' We need to be reminded of this often - some more than others. Blessings, Glynis


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