June 11, 2008

Bread Upon Waters

I'll Do It My Way

2 Chronicles 16:1-13

TO CHEW ON: "For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." 2 Chronicles 16:9

When Asa had been king for a long time, Baasha the King of Israel blocked the border between Israel and Judah.

1. The last time King Asa was faced with a problem (2 Chronicles 14:11) he had: (choose the correct answer):
a] asked for help from Egypt.
b] asked for help from God.

2. This time he (2 Chronicles 16:2):
a] asked for help from Ben Hadad of Aram
b] asked for help from God.

Shortly after that, the prophet Hanani came to him and asked, “Why did you make your own plan instead of asking for God’s help? Didn’t God help you in your fight against Cush? God is always looking out to help anyone who depends on Him. What you did was foolish. From now on you’ll always be at war.”

What Hanani said made Asa so angry, he put Hanani in prison.

After that Asa stubbornly refused to ask for God’s help with anything. A few years later when he got a disease in his feet, he only went to doctors. He ignored God completely.

Why did Asa, who started out so well, end like this? Perhaps he thought that with all his experience he no longer needed God’s help. Or maybe he just wanted to do his own thing instead of listen to God.

Let’s not become like the old Asa, who stopped trusting God. Instead, let’s ask for His help with everything all our lives long.

PRAYER: Dear God, please help me to depend on You now and through all my life. Amen.

SUPERSIZE IT: I Couldn’t Bother God with That!

Which times could you ask for God’s help?
- When someone is bullying you.

- When you are sick

- When you don’t understand something in school

- When you want to make the team.

- When your parents aren’t getting along.

Did you pick them all? God can help in all these times and with all these things and much more.

Nothing is too small for God. He is interested in everything about you from the biggest thing to the tiniest detail. What will you ask him to help you with today?



The above is yesterday's devotion posted on my kids' devotional blog Bible Drive-Thru. It has now been online for almost six months. We're working our way through the last days of Judah, as well as dipping into the major and minor prophets.

Every week on Monday I put seven to ten more devotions into scheduled mode, ready for blogger to publish at the appointed time. I don't know if anyone else is getting blessed by these daily readings (very few comments or emails), but I know that I enjoy Mondays more than ever because all day I'm handling the word of God.

It's gratifying to study the sitemeter stats and see that though Bible Drive-Thru doesn't get high traffic, the numbers are gradually increasing and the blog is getting visitors not only from the U.S. and Canada but from Australia, Italy, Wales, Slovenia, Germany, Indonesia, Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa, Guyana, Trinidad, Israel, India, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Japan.

It's my way of casting bread upon the waters (Ecclesiastes 11:1). Blessings to all of you who, in your way, are doing that too.

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  1. Hi Violet, I like your story. We gave your blog adress to our "Friends Club" children back in March. Maybe we need to remind them to stop in again!
    Your pictures are great, too. My eleven year old daughter, Michelle, would probably like to stop in for a visit.
    Have a good day!


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