January 14, 2008

A Pillar

The house stood,
Boarded windows,
Peeled paint, spoke
Of weathered storms.
Strong winds,

Strong, sturdy.
Withheld against harsh,
Winds of adversity.
Embraced the new,
Watched it ebb away.
Loved ones snapped like
Apples plucked from a tree.
A man of hope,
Upheld by faith.
He did not forsake his God,
When times were tough.
His parents taught him well.
He drew close to his Maker.
A pillar.


  1. Hello,
    Your poem has an interesting shape. It reminds me of a tree and suggests to me that your Grandfather was a solid oak.
    "Loved ones snapped like apples plucked from a tree" is my favourite line. It has a crisp sound.
    I would have liked to know your Grandfather!

  2. I would have liked to know your Grandfather...doesn't sound right. I would have liked to known...That sounds better. But it still doesn't sound right. I would have liked to have known...(I'm a writer?)Anyways, Grandpa sounds like a good guy!

  3. Beautiful and powerful. I was also trying to see if there was anything to the shape of the poem, other than fitting the rhythm of the words. I like the two lines, "A man of hope, upheld by faith." Also like the first verse - strong images there. :)

    Pam - I think maybe it should be "I would like to have known your grandfather." Or your last suggestion above. (And I'm an editor!)

  4. Gwen, what a great tribute to a wonderful man. (About shape, some tinkering with line lengths to bring it into a pillar shape would be a nice addition to the thought.)

  5. Great images! Thank you. It reminds me of some pillars that I know.

    Also thanks to Marcia for getting a schedule going so that we are posting more often. Some really good stuff here, and a pleasure to read.


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