January 25, 2008

The Second Labour - Glynis

A while ago I wrote a poem for a course I took with our own Marcia. It was fun to write and summarizes a few of the 'loving challenges' I faced raising my sweet daughter. My blessings have been numerous with this young lady in my life. Although my daughter is far from her teenage years, I still have lots of memories. She works for me now and is the best personal assistant I could ask for. So this poem is dedicated to her- Amanda, who has graduated from daughter-hood to my friend - this one's for her.

The Second Labour

Forbearance is fickle; I know this first hand
It started one day with my daughter.
A perfect, sweet baby, then she sprouted legs
And started to test out the water.
I gritted my teeth and heaved a great sigh
Long suffering would make me be strong
When I look back it was really quite sweet
The way she said "No!" all day long.

I have to admit, there were times I was stretched
My elastic was wearing quite thin.
But God, in His wisdom, gave me the strength
To cope and not trifle with sin.
My daughter, she grew and made her mom proud
Compliance was her middle name.
Rarely the "No!" word dripped from her lips
In fact she seemed gentle and tame.

Then, without warning, the labour - it struck
My contractions were moments apart
The tall, strange intruder, they called my teenager
Said, "No!" and stabbed deep at my heart.
I chomp at the bit and squirm on the lead
Trying once more to refrain
From breathless impatience and red-faced remarks
As I face the battle again!


  1. Very clever and a profound truth about parenting as well. Great post!

  2. Lovely! Your poem is crafted so well. I didn't experience second labour with my two oldest girls but my 11 year old is causing pains already! I will have to tuck this poem away and read it when the hour draws near!

  3. Great poem... as I head towards these days myself! :)


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