July 31, 2007

Changing of the Guard - Violet Nesdoly

Lately the old mothers
have been slipping from their places
falling, dying
vacating strategic positions
leaving gaps
in the front line

A new generation
of matriarchs is needed
to organize the family dinners
the baby showers and the anniversaries
to send the birthday cheques

There's a call for fresh recruits
a newly commissioned troop
of kneeling warriors
arms raised in petition and praise
blessing the infants and the in-laws
interceding for the prodigals
alert watch women
guarding the walls of the family

© 2007 - V. Nesdoly

This is for all us daughters who have lately become motherless - especially Glynis, whose mother died a few days ago.

Well girls, we're it now.


  1. This is beautiful Violet! It reminds me so much of my hospitable, praying, serving mother. I am so blessed to still have her. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I've been "it" for nearly five years, and so aware of the responsibility. I miss my mother and her grand dinners and loving heart. I can see my daughter taking over the hostessing, the organizing, but she does not know Jesus nor raise her arms in "petition and grace" -- and this is the greatest gap of all.

    A great poem, Vi!

    not quite done yet,

  3. Thank you ladies! Last year was a notable one for me as four matriarchs (my m.i.l., Mom and two aunties) died within a few months. And - I don't feel mature enough to play their role!

  4. Hi Violet,

    Just found this one from you. Excellent! I don't think we ever feel old enough, but this poem is oh so true. It is time now for us to call those much younger than I am, for my time will seem as a moment. We must always train the younger ones.

    Bless you.

  5. Having just passed the first anniversary of my mom's death, I so needed to read this. Thank you Violet for your blessed words.


  6. Good poem, Violet - have you read Luci Shaw's poem (I think it's in The Petoski Stone) about our parents dying? She refers to it as climbing a ladder and suddenly finding that there is no-one above, that we are now standing on the top rung with nothing to grasp above. It's an apt description I think.

  7. Thanks, Violet. My tears well as I consider your words and the task before me. I feel ill equipped on my own. I thank the Lord that He is on guard and preparing us for the position. Matriarch...hmmm...not a title I have pondered for yours truly. I appreciate your wise and gentle nudge. Blessings, Glynis


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