July 23, 2007

This is Summer - Bonnie Way

Hot sun in the sky;
Lawn mower purring by;
Pretty-colored butterfly;
This is summer.

Days without a care;
Cool wind teasing my hair;
Flower fragrance in the air;
This is summer.

Gardens growing green;
Heat a shimmering sheen;
Bugs too tiny to be seen;
This is summer.

White clouds floating past;
Much-needed rain at last;
Weathermen miss the forecast;
This is summer.

Popsicles to freeze;
Fat yellow bumblebees;
Apples growing on the trees;
This is summer.

© Bonnie M. Ross

I wrote this poem years ago, when the scent of freshly-mowed lawn stirred my poetic musings. I wanted to capture the feeling of the summers of my childhood, and I still return to these memories.


  1. This is so carefree, like summer should be, especially for a child! It creates a drawing in my mind, one I would put on the frig and cherish. It also puts ideas in my head for a quilt!

    PS I've a quilt blog now, http://elsiequilts.blogspot.com. It only has a few posts, but come visit if you like.

  2. Nice, Bonnie - makes me remember when I was a kid growing up on the shores of Lake Huron. :)Marcia

  3. Lovely, Bonnie! You capture the essence of summer perfectly.


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