March 13, 2007

Have You Been To Calvary?

Have you taken that uphill journey

With Jesus to a hill called Mount Calvary?

Did you help to carry the cross?

Or even wipe the sweat from His brow?

When you arrived did you comfort Him?

Did you tell Him how much you loved Him?

Were you willing to wash His hands and feet?

Or even willing to take His place on the cross?

When darkness overcame the world

Were you willing to bear a load of sin?

Did you acknowledge Him as your Savior?

Or even ask Him to remember your family?

Did you carry Him to the tomb?

Did you believe that He would rise again?

Are you going to carry His cross from here?

Or even shine His light for the world to see?

Did you tell Jesus that you would wait for His return?

Are you prepared to meet Him in the air?

Did you tell Him before He hung His head?

Was your walk back down peaceful or still troubled?

Copyright 2007 Janice Keats


  1. Wonderful questions to ask as we get ready for Easter. Thanks for posting, Janice!

  2. Hi Janice,
    Hey it's great to see somebody new posting on the site! I checked out your website and I like it!
    I like the approach you take to your poem.
    Thanks, and I hope you post again!

  3. Very thought provoking piece. Thanks for jogging my thoughts. Blessings.


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