March 01, 2007

Safe and Secure - Donna Dawson

by Donna Dawson
copyright February 2007

The storm rages outside our cozy brick home. Wind howls around the chimney, it's banshee voice screaming in a high pitched fury. Snow swirls and dances, hypnotic to the unwary, eager to lure away from the hearth into the cold clutches of the winter blast. But I sit here before my fire, watching the flames dance to the wind's tune, smiling as the bright sparks taunt the wind's bitter breath with cheery warmth. And I feel safe and secure.

Life is like that. Changeable. Unpredictable. Alluring yet dangerous. And those of us who are unaware can sometimes find ourselves out in the midst of a violent temptest uncertain of where to turn next. Hands outstretched we grope blindly against the wind and the snow and the bitter cold.

But Christ stands like a sturdy brick shelter amidst the storm and he covers us and warms us. Oh the winds still rage about us. The haunting laughter of temptation still mocks us. The bitter cold of rejection still strives to nip at our faces with its icy sting. But our Saviour is there. He is our roof and walls, our chimney, our roaring fire and we can sit and listen to the storm knowing that we are safe and secure.


  1. Amen and amen! He is all that and more... can we ever praise Him enough!


  2. Good encouraging words, Donna.

  3. Donna,
    Thanks for this encouraging post. It was most helpful to me. I really love the imagery in your last paragraph :)
    And congratulations on your pod-cast coming up! So exciting!

  4. Great reflections! Very comforting to know that we have a shelter in the time of storm.


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