January 23, 2007


It stays in the pantry I tell myself today
I must resist, eat lettuce, drink
my eight glasses
behave myself.

Wandering mind and growling
I yearn not
for peas and carrots
beef and chicken fat-free
soups and whole wheat bread.

But I insist it stays in the pantry
for dinner table later, not for me
I don’t need this now...
I don’t need this now...

Wandering mind, discontent
though dutifully plied
I draw my fill from
insipid food groups four
but then there is the pantry...

Please, let the doorbell ring
and rescue me, my hand
reaching touching, fondly
anticipation rising
My tongue runs
along my upper lip
one glance and all resistance melts

If chocolate cake had eyes
they would smoulder
with seductive passion.

© 1997 Elsie Montgomery, and ten years later, still having a problem resisting chocolate!


  1. mmmm, Elsie, I have found my kindred spirit. Chocolate releases endorphins which release stress. I'm sure you knew that. Chocolate bar or celery stick, chocolate bar or celery stick. Duh.

  2. Ha! You too? Love it!!

    I ditched another of my sins this week - I quit coffee. There should be fodder for writing in there somewhere too.

  3. Pam, for me, it is "chocolate bar" or "pants that fit" -- heehee. But just a little piece won't hurt, right?

    Vi, go for it. People love to read about our weaknesses!


  4. Great poem! I think a lot of us can identify with it... (see "Chocolate" on my blog!). I agree with Pam on the stress-releasers - chocolate is definately my comfort food. :)


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